Christmas Movies To Watch With The Whole Family

Christmas Movies To Watch With The Whole Family
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The Adventures of Paddington

UK, 2018, directed by Paul King

A cute, charming, well-behaved bear cub who constantly finds himself in interesting adventures. He has been taught since childhood that good always triumphs over evil. He sees only good in everyone, always helping everyone and treating them with sweets. But even such a good bear cub gets into a dangerous situation, where he tries to teach a villain a lesson. We’ll find out how it ends on January 11. “The Adventures of Paddington 2” is a good family movie, with good humor and British charm. A good reason to go to the cinema with the whole family.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Ireland, 2017, directed by Bharat Nalluri

Incredible story, mesmerizing music, and sophisticated style. Imagine all the inimitable characters in Charles Dickens’ masterpiece “A Christmas Carol” come to life. Imagine these characters living with us in reality and creating a mysterious Christmas atmosphere. The film is about how Charles Dickens came up with unique characters and a timeless story that made the holiday what it is today.

Daddy’s Home 2

USA, 2017, directed by Sean Anders, John Morris

Sometimes you want to give your child a real fairy tale. The main characters of the movie “Hello, Daddy, New Year” had the same desires, but it turned out not so easy to implement them because between the father and the stepfather a real rivalry began. A hilarious and relaxed New Year’s Eve movie comedy, after which the festive mood will last for a long time. In 2017, a sequel to Hello Daddy, New Year’s Eve 2 was released. This time, two grandfathers intervene in holiday planning.

Love the Coopers

USA, 2015, ed. by Jesse Nelson

Imagine the average American Cooper family. Parents on the verge of divorce, with children and grandchildren living in different cities. And then everyone moves into their parent’s house to celebrate Christmas. What could be better than a vacation with the family? But, unfortunately, there are no perfect holidays, nor are there perfect people. The film plunges into an atmosphere of fun from the very first frame. This is a great Christmas comedy that shows all the pre-New Year turmoil through the prism of ridiculous situations.

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