Laughing Out Loud: The Journey of Comedy Movies

Journey of Comedy Movies
Laughing Out Loud: The Journey of Comedy Movies
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Get ready for a journey full of laughs and hilarious mishaps as we delve into the worlds of “Bowfinger,” “Meet the Parents,” and “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” In “Bowfinger,” we follow a desperate film director who is determined to make a blockbuster hit by any means necessary, while “Meet the Parents” takes us on a wild ride as a man tries to impress his girlfriend’s conservative father. And in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” we’re transported back to the 1930s as a trio of escaped convicts go on a journey filled with adventure, music, and quirky characters. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh out loud as we embark on these comedic journeys. So, here is the list of the Journey of Comedy Movies


Dir. Frank Oz, 1999


Not exactly the most famous. But a must-see comedy about how a movie is made and not made, with the duet of Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy. Bobby Bowfinger (it was his last name from the title that was translated as “Cool Guy”, although for a comedy to have such a name is like having none) saved his whole life to make a film. A practically in a garage and for a couple of thousand dollars.

A studio producer promises to help sell the film. If one of the small action stars, Keith Ramsey, casts the title role. Not getting an actor at the audition, Baufinger makes a decision: to shoot a movie in secret from the actor, sending non-professionals to him with replicas. And filming what is happening with a hidden camera. Everything would be fine, but the star has a bouquet of anxiety disorders. A mediocre twin brother, and membership in the Scientology Association.

Meet the Parents

Dir. Jay Roach, 2000


Nurse Greg Focker (a hard-to-translate play on an almost obscene name) is preparing to propose to his beloved Pam, a kindergarten teacher. A slightly constrained girl from a conservative family remembers that her fiancé oblige to ask for the blessings of his parents – and Greg going to a country house to meet Pam’s family, her ex-fiancé. And a perfectly trained cat who goes to the human toilet. Greg will immediately not like Pam’s dad, in words –

an enthusiastic gardener, in fact, an FBI agent who never left his job. Jack Burns knows how to split anyone, and believes each person can evaluate the results. And is angry at the candidacy of his daughter’s fiancé. It is not least because of his last name and profession. He knows how to look in such a way that the blood freezes in the veins. And the frightened Greg begins to crawl, pretend to be someone else, and please a strong relative. A comedy with Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro about why a counter-freak will never understand a man. Who goes with the flow is a perfect example of pop psychology in a movie about the opposition of ice and fire, disguised as a movie about a generation gap. It is one of the best Journey of Comedy Movies

“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Dir. the Coen brothers


America during the Great Depression and at the same time “The Odyssey” in the retelling of the Coen brothers under the blues, country, and folk of the 1930s. Prisoner Everett McGill learns that in the wild his wife. Who has given birth to several children and is pregnant again, is about to marry some successful and prosperous. He lies to the convicts chained with him about a secret treasure that he needs to find in the wild. And with minimal ingenuity escapes through a cornfield toward adventures. A cyclops, sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis, as they were in the American reality of that time.

On the way, the trio accidentally records a hit under the sign “Wet Asses”, save a black guitarist from the clutches of the Ku Klux Klan, and participate in the election campaign of a local corrupt seal. The amazing role of George Clooney. Who writes in Hollywood once every ten years, – and with brown eyes, in a funny accent. And in devotion to your favorite Dapper Dan hair styling gel. The road movie, where instead of a destination for all participants. A fig awaits and mark with old songs about the main thing that helps to survive harsh days – flying birds. And the sweetness of prayers and a man in eternal sadness.

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