Best Scary And Weird Movies Of All Time

Best Scary And Weird Movies
Best Scary And Weird Movies Of All Time
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The art of cinema has long been a platform for exploring the complexities of the human psyche, and few filmmakers have delved as deeply into the human mind as David Lynch, Leos Carax, and Steven Soderbergh. Three of their most iconic works – “Inland Empire,” “Holy Motors,” and “Schizopolis” – take audiences on surreal journeys through the twisted and fragmented landscapes of the human psyche. These films challenge conventional notions of narrative and reality, inviting viewers to explore the murky depths of identity, consciousness, and existence. So, here is the list of the best scary and weird movies of all time.

Through their striking visual imagery and haunting soundscapes, these films offer a glimpse into the darkest corners of the human mind, forcing us to confront our deepest fears and desires. Join us as we journey through the minds of Lynch, Carax, and Soderbergh, and explore. The strange and unsettling worlds they have created.

“Inland Empire”

dir. David Lynch, 2006

 Horror Film

Mulholland Drive’s more confusing twin movie with another blonde in danger. The famous and rich actress Nikki hosts a neighbor who shoots her eyes and speaks with a strong accent in her mansion – for some reason she heard about Nikki’s auditions for a new role. And mutters unpleasant prophecies about lost boys and girls under her breath. Nikki is really about to star in a caramel old-fashioned melodrama like La La Land directed by a director with a visionary complex. It is about getting used to the flat character. She will dissolve first in her heroine, then in the heroine of another actress, who is also present on this site, then in the fate of a broken Pole. It survived prostitution in the 30s somewhere far away in Eastern Europe.

A dozen dancing prostitutes, a camera playing with the vestibular apparatus, Nina Simone’s song, and three giant rabbits are included. David Lynch’s last feature film was made over 10 years ago. “Inland Empire” turned out to be an exemplary mindfuck-film, which either bangs on the head or shines a light bulb in the eyes, taking the soul out of the viewer. And of course, entertaining him at the most inopportune moment.

Holy Motors

dir. Leos Carax, 2012

Drama Film

Monsieur Oscar travels from point to point in a limousine, transforming into different characters on schedule. He either puts on a special costume to simplify the special effects or plays a choreographed love story. And then he scares the crowd at the cemetery, then he sings a duet with Kylie Minogue. Then he leads a squad of frenzied accordionists. It’s not hard to guess Monsieur Oscar’s true motivation. His name hints at the coveted Academy Award for most commercial directors. The chameleon Denis Lavant becomes the hero of another genre film every ten minutes.

He tries to the clichés and limitations of a musical or sci-fi. And at the same time tries to comply with all the agreements. He has some secret obligations to the mysterious company “Holy Motors”, in whose limousines he rides. Karax makes a painful and pure movie about his relationship with the film tradition and industry. It takes on the lead role of the plasticine and all-powerful Lavan as his agent in a changeable and melancholy world. A special mention is the final scene, where Monsieur Oscar finally returns home. It is one of the Best Scary And Weird Movies


dir. Steven Soderbergh, 1996


Proving why the all-powerful Steven Soderbergh did not and never will be Steven Spielberg (also an important director and an even more important producer) is an absurdist black comedy about doppelgangers. In pivotal years, when Soderbergh could earn millions of dollars or a dozen Oscar nominations from the factory. And he unleashes his inner idiot in an evil. The self-deprecating, and very funny little film made for record pennies. There are two main characters (both played by Soderbergh). A love triangle of the world’s most boring and unpassionate people. A frame with the words “I have no idea”, jokes about Scientology, and voyeuristic maniacs. And a few more scenarios of a one-story apocalypse, a conspiracy plot, and a lot of banter about a midlife crisis, identity, and independent cinema. In short, everything you wanted to know about indie.

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