Unconventional Comedies: Exploring the Hilarity in Movies

Unconventional Comedies
Unconventional Comedies: Exploring the Hilarity in Movies
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When it comes to comedy films, we often think of light-hearted, feel-good stories with happy endings. However, there are some movies that challenge this notion and take a more unconventional approach to humor. “Bridesmaids,” “Four Lions,” and “Withnail & I” are three such movies that explore the darker, more absurd side of comedy. Each of these films offers a unique perspective on the world and takes the audience on a wild and hilarious ride. In this article, we will dive deeper into these unconventional comedies and examine what makes them stand out from the crowd. From the raunchy humor of “Bridesmaids” to the satirical wit of “Four Lions” and the bizarre antics of “Withnail & I”. These films are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches them. So, here is the list of the best unconventional comedies.


Dir. Paul Feig, 2011


The main female comedy of the XXI century – how smart, just as successful. The main character Annie has lost her business and spends her days in anguish. And her nights under a mechanical narcissistic boyfriend who asks her not to call him first. But the best friend planning the wedding asks Annie to become a bridesmaid and the organizer of her party. And even without malicious intent introduces her new friend. A fashionable brunette with facial expressions like Jackie Kennedy, who knows everyone and everyone likes it. Annie’s self-esteem is sinking like the Titanic, along with a dozen of her wedding ideas.

It seems that her collapse as a best friend will be the last frontier before moving to her mother on the sofa. Bachelorette Party, thank God, didn’t become a movie about getting a stripper and getting a reckless tattoo before a wedding. Apart from gags about diarrhea in a bridal salon. This is an honest and accurate movie about how we are oppressed by our own failures: everything bad that was said about the main character. She already said about herself. The reserve of driven femininity – from overworked mothers to a CIA agent with a finger on a red button. Paul Feig will depict not only with irony but also with great love. The girls from this bachelorette party are a little cartoony. But at their best, and especially in their desire to be good people, they are like each of us.

“Four Lions”

Dir. Christopher Morris, 2010

 Drama/ Comedy

Jokes about Islam are almost forbidden and little explored in the comedy genre. “Four Lions” about jihadists-losers in England is quite a walk on the razor’s edge with very hard banter on related topics – from terrorism to traditional values. Five Muslim citizens of Britain want fame and the feeling of a life not in vain: going through options. They come up with a terrorist attack, training on crows, and learning to swallow SIM cards in a race. In the end, the ideal solution seems to them to be to go on a military exercise to Pakistan and blow up a mosque to incite righteous anger among the Muslims. And leave the mission in the hands of a white Briton as a distraction.

“Four Lions” fails one of the main tests of dangerous comedies. It’s better for your own to joke about your own. There is not a single Muslim among the authors of the film. It’s funny all the same to tears. Shot between the London Underground attacks and the rise of ISIS. The film pokes fun at fundamentalism, in which ends and means are forever entangled as the hero dreams of 40 virgins and life not here. In place of each of the lions, you can put a familiar radical: confused rhetoric, pathos, the deification of a feat. And a great desire to get the meaning of life in one simple. And idiotic actions are too familiar features to attribute them only to Islamic fundamentalists.

Withnail & I

Dir. Bruce Robinson, 1987


Withnail and Marwood consider themselves actors, but there are immeasurably more bottles in their lives than rehearsals. They live imposingly in an ornate and sleazy Camden apartment with a drug dealer neighbor in the late swinging 1960s. The legacy of a merry decade left them with a prolonged hangover and a sense of their own worthlessness, masked by sardonic conversations. At Uncle Monty’s suggestion, both of them go out of town to become completely angry with each other and get caught in a downpour. And get stuck in a ridiculous love triangle from which no one will return happy. Bruce Robinson’s film about a co-dependent friendship bordering on delirium tremens is most reminiscent of Hal Ashby – Withnail and Me gentle as well as bitter. He speaks of bohemia, which has nowhere to fall below, Highbrow disgust in front of the proletarians, and fatigue from the image. In the end

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