The Best Mystery And Thriller Movies To Watch Right Now

Best Mystery And Thriller Movies
The Best Mystery And Thriller Movies To Watch Right Now
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Welcome to the world of crime and suspense, where the search for truth and justice can lead to unexpected and dangerous places. In this world, the human mind is a labyrinth of secrets and hidden motivations. And the search for the truth can sometimes reveal more than we bargained for. If you are a fan of films that explore the darker side of human nature and delve into the intricacies of crime and investigation. And then you are in for a treat with “A Judgement in Stone,” “Mulholland Drive,” and “Memories of Murder.” These films offer a unique and thought-provoking exploration of the human condition, with a focus on the intricate workings of the criminal mind and the complex relationships that develop in their wake. So, here is the list of the best mystery and thriller movies

From the chilling and suspenseful “A Judgement in Stone,” to the surreal and mind-bending “Mulholland Drive,” and the gritty and intense “Memories of Murder”, these films will take you on a journey through the depths of human nature and the dark side of human desire. So prepare to be captivated and join us on a cinematic exploration of crime and suspense.

A Judgement in Stone (“La cérémonie”)

Dir. Claude Chabrol, 1995

Crime, Mystery

A detective about class hatred and, as director Claude Chabrol himself joked. Who shot the first films of the French New Wave, “the last truly Marxist film.” It Stars – two outstanding French women – Isabelle Huppert and Sandrine Bonner. Bonner plays the illiterate maid Sophie. Who is hired by the wealthy bourgeois Lelièvre family with a husband, wife, and two children from previous marriages? Sophie, frightened and submissive, prefers television in her free time. In her childhood, a terrible incident happened to her. After which she suffers from many years of guilt.

Meeting with the rebel Zhanna promises her liberation. The aggressive and violent Zhanna despises the rich, tries to socialize through charity, and has her own adamant opinion on everything. Together they are friends, each other’s confidantes, and of course. The harshest critics of all who are in the social hierarchy above them. Freedom, equality, and sisterhood come here. When the metaphorical head of Marie Antoinette flies from her shoulders on a guillotine.

Mulholland Drive

Dir. David Lynch, 2001

 Mystery /Thriller 

A blonde with complexes and a brunette with the appearance of a porn star. Hollywood and amnesia. One day, a girl with high hopes of conquering Hollywood meets a luxurious woman. Who has lost her memory, it seems, when the car with her had an accident on one of the Hollywood hills. They move in together, help each other survive, and travel around L.A. at night with damn good coffee and fake star concerts. It’s pretty pointless to retell Lynch’s film. Which has dozens of interpretations and an army of fans.

The fun of Mulholland isn’t just about how nice it is to solve the scenario Rubik’s Cube and find parallels between barely related events by pressing pause. This is a tragic movie with unforgettable jokes. Which Lynch, as it turned out after the new season of “Twin Peaks”. I have not forgotten how to shoot for many years. Lots of dark humor and self-disclosure, notes on the state of the industry, and how to catch big fish. In Lynch’s hit film, where the devil breaks his leg (actually not).

“Memories of Murder” (“Salinui chueok”)

Dir. Bong Joon Ho, 2003

Mystery /thriller

Provincial and metropolitan Korean detectives are trying to uncover the identity of a serial killer. In the mid-80s, serial murders in a remote province in Korea are out of the ordinary, so the local police officers, who do everything in one place, are not at all prepared for disaster. The local Park and the Seoulian Seo have been interrogating three thousand people for five years, hunting for a local maniac: he attacked defenseless women on a rainy night in a real backwater, hunted for red color. And ordered the same song on the radio on the night of the murder.

Detectives brutally interrogate everyone, from locals to recent movers. But each time they are faced with a lack of evidence. A maniac is lost in the rain in a mean Korean landscape. The ability to shoot a detective without a catchy and simple denouement leaves a pulling feeling of incompleteness after the finale. A feature of the best films that work with the audience’s attention. A film similar to Fincher’s Zodiac, filmed with a very Korean sense of humor, Memories of Murder is about unresolved intrigue and an elusive answer that you still really want to know.

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