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most suspenseful movies
most suspenseful movies to watch right now
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Welcome to a journey that delves into the dark side of human nature. In this cinematic exploration, we take a closer look at three films that explore the themes of deception and betrayal: “The Hunt,” “The Stranger by the Lake,” and “Gone Girl.” These films offer a unique and thought-provoking insight into the human experience. As they challenge us to confront our own preconceptions and biases. So, here is the list of the best most suspenseful movies.

From the emotionally charged drama of “The Hunt” to the tense and unsettling exploration of desire and obsession in “The Stranger by the Lake,” and the twisted and manipulative thriller of “Gone Girl,” each film takes us on a journey through the darkest aspects of the human psyche. With powerful performances and masterful direction, these films explore the complexity and fragility of human relationships and the devastating consequences of deception and betrayal. So, join us on this journey as we explore the darkness within ourselves in “The Hunt,” “The Stranger by the Lake,” and “Gone Girl.”

 “The Hunt” (“Jagten”)

Dir. Thomas Vinterberg, 2012


Detective Winterberg wanders on the edge of what is permitted: his main character, played by Mads Mikkelsen, whom the viewer should sympathize with, is accused of pedophilia. A calm and modest provincial Danish teacher, a favorite of all children. He is fighting with his ex-wife for custody of his beloved son. He enjoys boundless respect from the locals and divorces for too long when he gets hope for a happy ending. It was at this time that a five-year-old girl tells one of the teachers that the teacher touched her in intimate places – now his life until all the circumstances are clarified, is in real danger. Parents will not sacrifice anything to protect their children. Winterberg’s extreme statement about parental fears and demographic numbers, about forbidden relationships and slander, about the violence. And that people who have lost control use to justify themselves.

“The Stranger by the Lake” (“Lʼinconnu Du Lac”)

Dir. Alain Guiraudie, 2013


A queer thriller, a drama with black humor, and, in general, a rare non-factory assembly film by Alain Ghirodi. A convincing yet ornate Frenchman whose strength lies in principled indirectness. On one of the French beaches, nudists, and gays gather month after month: in hot weather. They splash in the sea, retreating to the forest nearby for bodily pleasures. One day, Frank comes to the beach. And makes a platonic friendship with the kind. But unsympathetic Henri, at the same time falls in love with the fatal mustachioed Michel. Meanwhile, the body of a man whom everyone knew. And who was also part of the polyamorous gay community is found here.

Stranger by the Lake is an elegantly crafted, very simple, and witty movie about how to live in a relationship with a psychopath. And how sexual attraction inevitably confuses the cards with the right decisions. And are the decisions right? if the laws of the flesh conflict with the instinct of self-preservation? It’s noir in the sunshine about a small ghetto and a never-ending Eden with a Hitchcockian vibe and an Ozone sense of humor. It is one of the best most suspenseful movies.

Gone Girl

Dir. David Fincher, 2014


Nick and Amy fell in love with each other quickly and were married for five years. Without children, but with a cat. He is sick of her exactingness. She is sick of his feigned indifference and habit of hacking into computer games. Amy is almost a genius and the only daughter of the most famous parents. It seems to be a little sorry that she threw a brilliant future at the feet of a rather ordinary man. When Nick returns home on their anniversary. Only shards of glass and no trace of his lost wife are waiting for him – due to the celebrity status of Amy’s parents. The story of her disappearance immediately becomes the topic of the month.

Fincher spins the thriller gradually and, towards the middle of the film. It has introduced a second point of view, cutting circles between the victim and the psychopath and pulling evidence from his pocket. It is like nickels from behind the ear of a naive viewer. Special attention is paid to the media war and the sensational nature of the news, with whom Fincher works in many of his films. Never before has a façade Bergman marriage had such icy suspense: Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck play a mismatched, impossible, and unhappy couple. Where each entered into a marriage without realizing the gulf separating them. And this is the case when goosebumps run from the happy ending.

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