The Decade of Inspiring Real-Life Stories

Inspiring Real-Life Stories
The Decade of Inspiring Real-Life Stories
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There are many stories that are based on real-life stories that always inspire us to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment that it’s never gonna happen again. So, here we have listed the inspiring real-life stories that are totally relatable and you will surely enjoy watching them.

The King’s Speech, 2010

Drama, Historical, Biographical

This story is also about a person with a physical handicap, but a slightly different plan. The film tells about the duke, who was preparing to sit on the English throne. When his brother abdicates the throne, the film’s protagonist reluctantly takes the seat. And all because he suffers from severe nervous stuttering. And, as a result, he is not confident in himself as a monarch. He tries to be in public as little as possible. But one day, his father ordered him to make a final speech in front of an audience of thousands. The report turns out to be a failure, as the audience cannot make out a word. The man diligently deals with speech therapists, but all efforts are in vain. Until an expert of the highest class steps in…

“Social network”, 2010

Drama, Biographical, Legal Thriller

This is truly a biographical work about a significant stage in the life of one of the youngest billionaires. About the man who became a legend in his lifetime – Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. In one of the scenes, it is emphasized that after the launch of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg became the most popular person, beating nineteen Nobel laureates, fifteen Pulitzer winners, two future Olympians, and a movie star. One of the lawyers clarifies: “Who was the movie star?” – and gets the answer – “Is it important?”. That movie star was Natalie Portman, who attended Harvard from 1999 to 2003. Mark Zuckerberg was not going to watch the movie. However, in the end, he could not resist and watch a movie with his colleagues. The final trio of works came out ten years ago (how fast time flies!). However, art is eternal, and these works look quite modern.

“Coco before Chanel” (2009)

Drama, Biographical, Fashion

“Coco before Chanel” is a film biography that tells about the extraordinary and legendary personality, as you might guess, the designer and fashion designer Coco Chanel. The plot focuses on the period when she was not yet a famous trendsetter who dressed the girl in a man’s suit and a small black dress. Coco plays by one of the most famous French actresses of our time – Audrey Tautou. The film is filled with strong emotions, they literally splash out through the screen. The game of the main character is amazing, the staging of the scenes is excellent, the extraordinary beauty of the shots and the bewitching music – all this is “Coco before Chanel”.

Desert Flower, 2009

Drama, Biographical, War

This is the life story of Waris Dirie, one of the first black fashion models, writers, and public figures who fled Somalia for London at the age of thirteen. The story is told in two-time streams – the past of a little girl and her brilliant present. Waris was not the first black top model, but she became the first woman to publicly denounce the practice of female circumcision, was appointed a UN special ambassador and created the FGM Foundation. She was born in one of the poor countries of Africa, which had only recently freed itself from colonial oppression and was in a state of complete chaos. Waris Dirie has experienced so much in her life that this would be enough for several adventure novels.

Born into a family of nomads, she marries at the age of thirteen. But she did not resign herself to such a fate and fled in search of a better life, she managed to cross the desert alone, and reached the capital through the sand dunes. In Mogadishu, she sought out her relatives, who helped her get a job at the Somali Embassy in England, where she did the work of servants …Thanks to the constant desire to achieve the intended goal, she managed to find her happiness. She has become one of the most influential and authoritative women, whose opinion is respected all over the world…

“Blind Side”, 2009

Drama, Sports, Biographical

And Africa again. Michael, a boy from a dysfunctional South African family, grew like weeds. The mother was addicted to drugs. The father involves in crime. An excellent football player had every chance to go downhill. Thanks to the coach, Michael took to a new educational institution. Social services became interested in him, but the young man, with high growth and physically trained, not took by guardians for a long time. So he wandered around to different families. Until I was on the street. And then Lee Ann, the mistress of the wealthy Tui family, saw a lonely teenager.

She invited him to visit. The white family treated Michael as if they were their own. Lee Ann finds his real relatives, but his own mother does not want to see her son. The Tui adopt Michael Oura. The youngest son records the winning game of the tournament and uploads it to the Internet. Coaches from different universities come to watch the athlete, they have high hopes for him. But they agree to take him to the team only if Michael finishes school well…

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