Love, Fate, and Serendipity: Iconic Movies About Romance

Iconic Movies About Romance
Love, Fate, and Serendipity: Iconic Movies About Romance
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Love, fate, and serendipity are three themes that have been explored time and again in cinema. And yet they never fail to capture our hearts and imaginations. In this article, we will take a closer look at how these themes are portrayed in three classic films: “A Summer’s Tale” by Eric Romer, “Titanic” by James Cameron, and “Amélie” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Set against different backdrops and time periods. These films are connected by their exploration of love, fate, and serendipity. From a chance encounter on a French beach, to a doomed romance aboard a luxurious ship, to the whimsical pursuit of love in Paris. These movies have captured the hearts of audiences around the world. Join us as we dive into the world of these cinematic masterpieces and discover what makes them so enduring and beloved. So, here is the list of the best iconic movies about romance.

A Summer’s Tale, Eric Romer, 1996


A master of films seemingly about nothing and a French classic. Who is respected and revisited on both sides of the Atlantic, Romer was better than many at telling about a weightless and nascent feeling and how a love story is made up of indescribable shades and trifling circumstances. The protagonist, a Pazoline youth with dark curls, arrives at a French resort. Where he has arranged to meet a girl. Who has been driving him crazy for a long time? He will like another waitress and a new casual acquaintance. All three sirens will promise supposedly new and exciting relationships, alternate with each other, seduce and disappear, take a lot of free time, and become jealous of each other. A guitar-playing and pensive young man chooses between three girls of interest to him. It is living a happy summertime.

Titanic, James Cameron, 1997


20 years after the release of “Titanic” continues to bring tears to tears with one of its trailers. Although in the first place, it is a fascinating and very witty movie about the destruction of social barriers and love. Which is impossible within rigid traditions. Commoner Jack and noble Rose get on the Titanic in different ways: for Rose. But it is a trip in the first class, put to her by status, for Jack. A random lucky ticket to the third class. Where everyone sits on each other’s heads.

The young artist looks at the world in a completely different way than the environment of a girl of marriageable age, and as a reward, the audience gets an unforgettable scene with a portrait, an expensive car, and folk dances in the cabins of the humiliated and offended. Everyone knows that Rose will survive and Jack won’t. But the magic of Cameron is that when you look back through scenes. From one of the most popular and expensive films in history. And you cringe every time.

Amélie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001


Amelie is an introvert and a person with several family traumas. Her parents were cold to her, her mother died early, and her father became a social phobia – and from early childhood, Amelie prefers to play with inanimate objects and talk with imaginary friends. When you work as a waitress in the most ordinary cafe in Montmartre and hardly get close to anyone. You cannot do without them. If Amelie were a simple girl, she would quickly make a date with the guy she likes and not turn their acquaintance into a chase and a detective game. But Amelie is not an ordinary girl. The melodrama of the extravagant Jean-Pierre Jeunet in those days to the accordion and piano of Yann Tiersen is a saving film for sociopaths in search of happiness, nostalgic for a Paris that never existed. And simply one of the funniest films about loneliness.

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