Top 3 Feary Films That Will Leave You Terrified

Top 3 Feary Films
Top 3 Feary Films That Will Leave You Terrified
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Prepare to be scared out of your wits with this selection of bone-chilling horror movies. “Warren File” is a spine-tingling franchise that follows the cases of real-life paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. “Thesis” (1996) is a Spanish psychological thriller that explores the dark side of academia. As a college student’s thesis on violence and death leads her to uncover a twisted conspiracy. In “The Ring” (2002), a journalist investigates a videotape that is said to curse those who watch it, leading her on a terrifying journey to uncover its origins and stop its deadly effects. These Top 3 Feary Films offer a unique blend of supernatural and psychological horror that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

‘Warren File’

On HBO Max you can find not only two movies starring the Warren couple (‘ The Warren File ‘ and ‘ The Warren File: The Enfield Case ‘; the third, ‘ The Warren File: Compelled by the Demon ‘, has just gone through theaters and will arrive soon ). But also other titles in the franchise, such as ‘ Annabelle ‘. Of course, it is the current horror franchise of reference and one that always ensures us many scares in the living room. Don’t forget to turn off all the lights! And also check the Warren File chronology. The story is based on a real marriage of demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren ( Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga). Who toured the country in the 1970s studying paranormal phenomena.

Thesis (1996)

This iconic film by Alejandro Amenábar. One of the best Spanish films in history continues to give us chills twenty-five years later. The story follows Ángela ( Ana Torrent ), an Audiovisual Communication student in Madrid who is preparing a thesis on violence in the cinema. While investigating the death of one of her friends. She stumbles upon a type of film called “snuff movies,” which feature actual violence. As she delves deeper, she suspects that one of her college classmates, Eduardo Noriega, may be involved in the making of these films.

The Ring (2002)

Critics regard “The Ring,” an American movie, as one of the top Japanese film remakes due to its ability to capture the terror of the original Japanese classic “Ringu”. Which marked the beginning of the J-Horror era in the 90s. This spine-chilling remake will have you glued to your seat in terror. There are changes, of course, and not all for the better. But it is an absolutely terrifying viewing and the story of Samara is already an emblematic story of the genre.

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