Top Three Comedies Movies About Life’s New Chapters

Comedies Movies About Life
Top Three Comedies Movies About Life’s New Chapters
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Get ready for an entertaining journey with the films “Red Notice” (2021), “Otherhood,” and “Senior Year” (2022). These movies promise to be a mix of action, comedy, and drama and will keep you on the edge of your seat. “Red Notice” follows the story of an FBI agent who teams up with two notorious thieves to track down a missing artifact. “Otherhood” is a heartwarming comedy about three mothers who are trying to reconnect with their adult sons. “Senior Year” promises to be a fun-filled adventure as a high school senior wakes up after 20 years in a coma and tries to reclaim her prom queen title. Get ready for some exciting and emotional moments with these must-watch films. So, here is the list of comedy movies about life.

Red Notice (2021)

When Interpol issues a red notice, the highest-level warrant to catch the world’s most wanted men, lead FBI profiler John Hartley leaps into the case. During his search, the FBI agent finds himself in the middle of a daring heist in which he is forced to team up with art thief Nolan Booth to catch another art thief. The most wanted in the world, the Bishop. The adventure that follows takes the trio across the world, between jungles, dance floors, and prisons, and forces them to constantly work in each other’s company. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. This Netflix action comedy will brighten up your evening on the couch.  


Carol, Gillian, Helen, three longtime friends, and all mothers. They feel forgotten by their children on Mother’s Day and decide to go to New York to surprise them.  Once they arrive, however, they realize that their children’s lives aren’t the only ones needing a change. The three women thus begin a journey of rediscovery of both life (after the children) and themselves.

Senior Year (2022)

Cheerleader Forever is the newest comedy to watch on Netflix. Released in May 2022, it has already been very successful.  The film tells the story of a cheerleader, played by Rebel Wilson. Who awakens after spending twenty years in a coma and returns to high school to try and regain her place as school queen. But times have changed, and for Stephanie (the protagonist) things will not go as planned.  Smooth, funny, and funny, but also with some moments of reflection, this comedy is suitable for young and old.

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