Best Explosive Comedy Films To Watch Now

Best Explosive Comedy Films
Best Explosive Comedy Films To Watch Now
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In this collection of movies, we are taken on a journey through a variety of genres, from action to comedy to drama. “I Can Quit Whenever I Want” follows a group of unemployed academics who turn to produce drugs to make ends meet. While “The Dictator” is a satirical comedy about a fictional dictator’s visit to New York City. And in “The Meyerowitz Stories,” we delve into the complicated relationships of a dysfunctional family. Despite their differences, each of these movies offers a unique perspective and an engaging story that is sure to captivate audiences. So, here is the list of the Best Explosive Comedy Films.

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (2014)

Sydney Sibilia created one of the funniest Italian sagas for cinema with a group of teachers and scientific researchers played by Edoardo Leo, Stefano Fresi, Libero De Rienzo, Valerio Aprea, Pietro Sermonti, Paolo Calabresi, and Lorenzo Lavia as the protagonists. Despite their recognized academic experiences, they live as precarious workers and decide to join forces to create a new drug using a molecule that has not yet been cataloged by the Ministry of Health and is therefore legal. The production proves to be a success but, between quality tests and illicit trades in which the group of friends turns out to be really improvised. All sorts of things happen.

The Dictator (2012)

Sacha Baron Cohen as Haffaz Aladeen, dictator of Wadiya, a fictional country in North Africa. He is an unpredictable and capricious man. Who puts himself at the center of everything. He participates in and wins the national Olympics. It stars in films commands an army made up only of women, and loves chemical weapons. When urged by the United Nations to resign due to his inexperience. A resentful Haffaz leaves for the United States to speak to the world. But a palace conspiracy changes everything. Sacha Baron Cohen’s grotesque and extreme humor, as seen in Borat, has gained recognition. The dictator is a character who mimics the Iraqi politician Saddam Hussein, from whose “memoir” the film takes its inspiration. And the Saudi Osama Bin Laden, from whom the comedian steals aesthetic elements, to recount the paradoxes in retrospect . It’s a crazy movie as only Sacha Baron Cohen can be.

The Meyerowitz Stories (2017)

Noah Baumbach ( Marriage Story, The Squid, and the Whale ) exclusively tells the story of the original Meyerowitz family in this Netflix comedy. Danny (Adam Sandler) and Matthew (Ben Stiller) are sons of the same father, Harold (Dustin Hoffman), but from different mothers. The two have followed opposite inclinations and destinies. Danny is a musician who has abandoned his career and dreams, and Matthew is a successful manager. During a family reunion, old stories, differences, and new meeting points resurface. The Meyerowitz Stories is a comedy that boasts thoroughly well-written and acted dialogue infused with cultured humor.

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