One Of The Top Mafia Movies You Need To Watch

One Of The Top Mafia Movies You Need To Watch
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Watch One Of The Top Mafia Movies on Our Website. These movies will have a lot of entertainment and give you a next-level experience of the Mafia’s life.


(2008) Crime/ Drama

After the book by Roberto Saviano and before the Sky series, there was the film by Matteo Garrone. And what a movie. Since It tells the normality of evil, the Camorra between Naples and Caserta consumes power, blood, and money: no one is saved, and there are no protagonists, well-known faces (with the sole exception of Toni Servillo), morals, sermons, or catharsis. We still need subtitles to decipher this foreign land that has now become the antechamber of hell, and Franco (precisely, Servillo), who poisons half of Campania with toxic waste, reminds us that not even we spectators can enjoy some moral superiority: we are all accomplices of the system, we cannot believe ourselves better than the others. Seven David by Donatello; two Silver Ribbons; five European awards; Grand Prix in Cannes 2008:

The Untouchables

(1987) crime / Drama

The untouchables are a group of incorruptible agents (Jimmy Malone, Sean Connery; Oscar Wallace, Charles Martin Smith; George Stone, Andy Garcia) chosen and led by Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) who in the Chicago of the Roaring Twenties, in full Prohibition, declare war on gangster Al Capone (Robert De Niro) and (spoiler!) win it. Since Brian De Palma takes the characters of a famous TV series from the 1950s and directs a sort of urban western which, in the end, comes to mention one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of cinema, The Potëmkin battleship by Sergej M. So, Ejzenštejn, complete with a pram that descends dangerously along a staircase under the terrified gaze of the mother and in discharges of bullets.

Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, first and only Oscar to Sean Connery as Best Supporting Actor, a phrase that has remained in the annals: “You are just gossip and distinctive, only gossip and distinctive!”.


(1983 ) Crime / Drama

“Ugly bastard fennel!” Do you want to delete me? It takes your entire army to eliminate me! Have you heard? So, I am sending you all to hell! Come on, come here! Who do you think you are making war with? I am Tony Montana! Are you waging war on me? Make war on number one! ». Another round, another Brian De Palma, together with an unforgettable Al Pacino and a Michelle Pfeiffer (aka Elvira Hancock) at her debut with a great director, beautiful and very toxic. The irresistible rise of Tony Montana, the scarred, Cuban delinquent to crime and drug trafficking boss in 1980s Miami, as well as being a gangster movie with all the sacred trappings, is also a ferocious reinterpretation of capitalism, where the American dream turns against itself and creates monsters.

Prizzi’s Honor

(1985) Romance/Drama

A bizarre, dark, cynical, irreverent, and funny comedy, which overturns the way the ruthless mafia world is usually told and which “basks voluptuously in the murderous methods of members of a Brooklyn mafia family, rejoicing in their scams. So, It’s like The Godfather in The Monsters ”(Pauline Kael, in the New Yorker ). Since Directed by the 80-year-old John Huston and based on Richard Condon’s novel, L’onore dei Prizzistages an unforgettable human theater: there is Charley Partanna (Jack Nicholson), a gangster as stupid as he is ferocious; there’s femme fatale Irene Walker (Kathleen Turner); there is the wrinkled and cruel boss Don Corrado (William Hickey); there’s Charley’s devilish and shrewd ex-girlfriend, Mayrose Prizzi (Anjelica Huston).

However, Eight Oscar nominations, a statuette for Huston’s daughter as a supporting actress, and a joke that went down in history: “Sorry, the fact that you’re a thief and a murderer doesn’t mean that in all other fields she’s not a good wife. “

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