Top Favorite Action Movies To Watch At Holiday Time

Favorite Action Movies
Top Favorite Action Movies To Watch At Holiday Time
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Watch Top Action Movies on our Website to enjoy your holiday and also these movies will teach you, make how you should think in your bad situation and make your holiday better. These Action Movies are Make Your Holiday Best. 

The Villainess

(2017) Action / Thriller

South Korean director Jung Byung-Gil takes an already-known story – trained as a killer, a young woman (Kim Ok-bin) must use her skills against her mentors who have betrayed her – and presses on the accelerator. A few scenes were originally filmed from the protagonist’s point of view, and a head-spinning bus fight set this apart from other Far Eastern action films. But it is the scene of the three-way duel on motorcycles at full speed (!) That will leave action movie buffs with a question: “But how the hell did they do it?”.

Fast Five

(2011) Action, Crime/ Thriller

It is the film of the Fast and Furious series that is a milestone for future ones: thanks to some additions to the cast of the previous episodes, an exotic location perfect for a well-executed plan, the absurd stunts that defy the laws of physics, and use deliberate of the word “family”, the saga finally leaves behind the clandestine car racing to become a first-class action series. Fast & Furious 5 is also the episode that introduces Agent Hobbs, Federal friend-foe Dwayne Johnson, and features a classic The Rock-vs-Vin Diesel brawl that’s a flurry of bald heads and biceps.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

(1938) Adventure/Romance

Swordsmen films certainly were not lacking before Errol Flynn based this film on the legend of the English hero who stole from the rich to give to the poor (see the entire career of Douglas Fairbanks, who had also played the character in a silent film of 1922). But director Micheal Curtiz’s hilarious Technicolor comedy about adventures in Sherwood Forest in the days when “the story depended on the flight of an arrow, or the blow of a sword” could be a textbook example of pure Old Hollywood adrenaline. . Flynn makes his way through all the scenes of the film swinging, jumping, bouncing, riding and fighting with minimum effort and maximum charm; eighty years later, he is still breathless watching this show of daring acrobatics.

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