The Top Action Movies You Can Watch This Weekend 

The Top Action Movies You Can Watch This Weekend 
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Total Recall

(1990) Sci-fi/Sci-fi

Paul Verhoeven’s two greatest masterpieces to date ( 1987’s Robocop and 1997’s Starship Troopers ) play on a perfect proportion of 75% satire and 25% splatter delirium. For this reason, it’s not an entirely faithful adaptation of the short story of 1966 by Philip K. Dick entitled Total Memory, the Dutch director reversed the recipe and, ironically, managed to create his best action movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an ordinary man from 2084, with his beautiful construction job, a perfect life, and a perfect wife (Sharon Stone).

So why does he keep having nightmares about life on Mars? Eventually, he will discover that he had once been a secret agent on the Red Planet… and at that point, he will have to understand at all costs why his memories of him have been erased. Prosthetics of exploding heads, bloody cartoon-style shootings, chase scenes with robot taxi drivers, a shower of hilarious jokes (“I filed for divorce”)


1964 Action/Thriller

Agent 007 – License to Kill had decreed the first on-screen incarnation of James Bond, both courteous and ruthless (“She’s a Smith and Wesson, and she fired the six shots”), and with From Russia with Love had proven himself to be a man of action. But it could be said that the starting point of the saga is precisely this third episode, which sees the English agent with a ready joke on the trail of a megalomaniac who, we sing together, «loves only good». While the name might sound like a French nail polish brand, Auric Goldfinger is an enemy worthy of Ian Fleming’s hero.

This is the episode of the Bond saga that introduced the super-equipped Aston Martin, which gave us a Sean Connery 007 engaged in a last-ditch fight with the henchman Oddjob (the one with the bowler hat) who has nothing to envy to fight “Red” Grant in From Russia with Love, and which culminates with Goldfinger’s trip to Cuba interrupted by some sudden “turbulence”. This is also the film that would have marked the saga more than any other for the next fifty years until in 2006 Casino Royale would have added a touch of roughness to the protagonist. It is one of the best Top Action Movies.

Train to Busan

(2016) Action, Horror/ Thriller

You can find elements of action directing in virtually every modern film that features zombie-filled apocalyptic scenarios, from Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later to World War Z. However, no other film has managed to blend the two genres better than this South Korean opera. The theme is an epidemic that makes people sick, deforms them, and instantly makes them crave human flesh. As we all know, it only takes one infected person to turn a train full of passengers into… [dramatic pause] a one-way journey to death!

After the first moment of terror-at-first-sight, director Yeon Sang-ho manages to maintain a relentless pace for most of the film and demonstrates a penchant for those life-filled scenes typical of zombie films (the mass growing number of living dead, a fight between demon challengers, the escape from a group of angry and hungry corpses that pop up out of nowhere), made with elegance and heart-pounding style.

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