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Testament of Youth

The film stars Alicia Vikander and Keith Harrington and is a film adaptation of Vera Brittain’s autobiographical book Testaments of Youth. The film can also be found under that title. However, the year is 1914. Vera, her brother, and her friends are on the threshold of something new and big. She has just started college, and she is in love, but all her hopes for the future are dashed. Which she cannot without difficulty begin to build, but crumbles when the First World War knocks at the door. Unable to sit through her books, the heroine leaves college to become a nurse. And Then begins her road of loss. After the war, Brittain became not only a writer but also one of Britain’s most notorious pacifists. It is one of the best Mysterious Movies.

A Man Called Ove

Since there’s a special direction in contemporary European cinema that hasn’t yet been named. Through, “Let’s call them tragicomic stories about loneliness.” Grumpy old men who find meaning in life through casual encounters with strangers. ” Uwe’s Second Life is just one of these. Because Uwe, in his seventh decade, is angry and discontented all the time. arguing with shopkeepers and neighbors, chasing dogs, arguing with everybody he can. He’s fed up with a world without his wife, the victim of a disease. A rope on a hook instead of a chandelier in his house. But every time he puts a noose around his neck, something stops Uwe, helping him understand. It’s still too early to leave— A touching, sincere, sad film-about cultures and characters, old people and children, loneliness and family values… Yes, about everything.

45 Years

It’s not every film that wins two major awards for acting at a film festival. This one did, in Berlin. The Mercer couple prepare to celebrate the 45th anniversary of their marriage. A week before the celebration, Jeff receives a letter in German saying that a girl’s body has been found in the Alps. It may be Katja, his first sweetheart. “45 Years” is a film about regretting what has or hasn’t been done in the past, about the right decisions we make throughout our lives, and about how torturing yourself with the silly question “what if?” can ruin your present. and a film that is a must-see to admire Charlotte Rampling’s acting.

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