French Light Movies For a Great Mood

French Light Movies For a Great Mood
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Oh yes, it didn’t occur to you, the main character is actually holding a book about cannabis. And all because she is a very, shall we say, unconventional woman. The main character’s name is Paoletta, and she is a lady with a complicated and harmful character. She is in constant conflict with everyone and does not accept his dark-skinned son-in-law and grandson, whom she calls Chernysh. When she was broke and the social services started to seize her property for debts, she decided to get a job. A drug dealer! The local gang is shocked that her grandmother offers them her services, but she is not a small pot and has already prepared an argument, as to why it may be beneficial to them. In the end, on reflection, the gangsters take Paulette to work, and she also becomes the most successful sodium dealer. But the money that suddenly appears raises a lot of questions, and not just for the members of Paulette’s family.

Chinese Puzzle


This romantic French comedy from Berlin Film Festival winner Cédric Clapiche is a sequel to the acclaimed French hits “Spanish Girl” and “Pretty Woman”. So the cast is the same: Audrey Tautou, Romain Darice, Cecile de France, and Kelly Reilly. So, the main character, Xavier, who in the previous parts traveled all over the world in search of the perfect woman, finally settled down and settled down. He now has a decent job and a beloved wife, an Englishwoman named Wendy, two children, and an ordinary routine life in the suburbs, which bored his other half. Tired of family life and of Xavier, Wendy takes the children and leaves for New York. But Xavier has no intention of living away from his children and goes to the city, where he has no home, no friends, and no job.

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