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Rohit Shetty is famous for making action comedy movies in Bollywood. He has given us some great films like the Golmaal series, Singham and Sooryavanshi, Simmba among others. The director then came up with yet another hit series Indian Police Force in January 2024. In it, he has created a fictional cop-universe in Bollywood where stories of invincible but only human police force members happen to be very much loved by the audience.

It takes its audiences to New Delhi, the capital city of India where Indian Police Force operates. Delhi Police Force finds itself face to face with serial bomb blast case first in Delhi and then other places around India. They lose some of their teammates as they go deeper into investigation. A heavy loss that is also an impetus for the rest of the team’s increased efforts at catching these criminals.

This seven-episode long series boasts of heavy action which some might say was exaggerated in nature. While that wouldn’t be wrong thinking, this wasn’t one of those Team Rohit Shetty handicrafts without cars blowing up all over the place, people flying about and the main actor taking charge of a crowd of bad guys alone.

Every episode promises an action-packed watching experience. The story hits right in the emotions with its heartbreaking scenes of loss and death; at the same time however it pumps energy through scenes where our men in uniform buckle up for a greater fight.

There is still one thing that we have never seen so far: good screen time for female characters within this universe of cops; while on the other hand women featured more along side men if not behind them when it comes to those films.. In this series we have Tara Shetty who is played by Shilpa Shetty Kundra, but her role falls into obscurity as she ends up being more supportive towards Kabir (played by Siddharth Malhotra). She gives crucial leads towards the bomb blast case; but, one still gets the feeling that more Tara Shetty could have been involved.”

But this was just season one of the show. Season two will hopefully have more of Tara Shetty in action. The final episode makes it clear that Indian Police Force has been handed a new task as Kabir and his team gear up for their next mission. In addition, it is possible to watch how this series connects with Rohit Shetty’s ambitions cop-universe characters.

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