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The story of a cat named Beckett makes up the 10 Lives. It is a lazy and pampered tomcat, who dismisses the fact that his life is so comfortable.

That changes after losing the twenty-seventh. After death, an angel in the afterlife avails him other eight lives.

However, it’s not another cat that comes back to earth. He becomes badger at first and then many other things before he exhausts his nine lives.

These metamorphoses are annoying to Beckett but they help him to be a better person. 

What life lesson does Beckett learn from this animated movie? Let us take a closer look at Ten Lives. 

How did Beckett lose his ninth life?

Beckett nearly gets hit by Rose’s car driven by her younger sister who’s called Scientist rose; fortunately, he does not become an asphalted kitty but Rose stops for him on time and takes him to the animal shelter in a fit of pity before taking him home as her own pet.

In her beautiful country house Rose 10 Lives happily together with Beckett. All through his childhood she almost lost him several times through foolishness but he always escaped unhurt.

He later dies for good during one of these times; when she wants to see Rose, boyfriend Larry appears on the scene, prompting Becket’s outbursts of rage against him and even trying to destroy his van just because of jealousy; as he removes wheels from it, he happens to be pinned under it till death strikes over there – all these happenings pave way for this book where we are now. 

What happened next?

This is what lands you into Heaven where you encounter Grace your cherubic bouncer who reminds you all those sequences which took your life away until Larry finished you off under its wheels.

Before that point in time though there were earlier incidents: accidently sticking your paw into a toaster or getting your head stuck in a fishbowl; dying shortly after eating a chicken nugget; and an eighth life snuffed out during a conflict with a male mime. 

Beckett is then given the 10 Lives again by Grace. It was not as he expected, so he didn’t come back to Earth. His first reincarnation was as a fitch but attacking Larry caused him to lose his life when got electrocuted.

Beckett comes back as a rat and dies at the talons of a hawk. Then he becomes a cockroach; they are almost indestructible so he stays that way for quite some time.

Whereas she is wondering what has happened to her cat Beckett who has disappeared, Rose settles into life with insects.

As soon as Rose gives up all hopes of ever finding Beckett, she throws away everything reminding her of him: ‘missing cat’ posters which she had made herself that end up being put by Rose in the shredder where Becket goes too, after turning himself into pieces along with photos from the past. Once shredded alongside his previous images Beckett goes back to Heaven again. 

What does he become now?

When it returns on earth it is turned into a parrot but it is flattened just under the old tree of his pet cat and comes down next as another dog where he meets friendly creature called Happy only for momentary friendship between them.

Beckett, a dog, can manage to foil the efforts of Kirk and Cameron and prevent them from entering Rose’s house. They intended to destroy her bee-saving serum.

Kirk and Cameron are actually hired by Professor Craven who is interested in Rose’s experiments though he pretends otherwise. Nonetheless, this is just a cover up so that he can sabotage everything in a bid to wipe out the bees on earth.

But what does Professor Craven want?

As a kid, the professor was bitten by a bee on his backside. After he was abused in school where he was called “Dickie Numb Bum” due to that incident, he swore vengeance against bees.

This revengeful feeling has compelled him to sabotage Rose’s trials. Besides this; however, 10 Lives is his desire to be the wealthiest and most powerful man on earth. For this reason, he has designed ”RoboDrones”—artificially made honeybees that could be bought at an extremely high price by farmers instead of real ones. 

Craven’s evil invite to her for going with him in one of the biggest events where she will present her invention before scientific elites immediately after Beckett frustrates his assistants’ endeavors that would have seen Rose lose all her achievements. However, it is not because he wants Rose to take the credit but rather because he wants her publically humiliated in front of everyone when she works with him thereby discrediting herself as she introduces his new discovery.

Did the professor escape unpunished from his wickedness?

When Beckett finally gets into their car they head straight towards sea where Becket drowns before returning as a fish which finds its way into profs office fishbowl In here more info about plan will be shared by prof with Beckett

He does not even survive long enough as a fish since another hawk comes across him soon after his transformation so now we meet our protagonist as a horse.

It is when Rose is out of her house and Craven has sneaked into it that Beckett eventually settles scores with him. This action leads to several damages to Ros’s gadgets.

Rose holds Becket responsible for the destruction and asks him to leave. He doesn’t die this time though, but in his mind he’s a total failure, so he pleads with Grace to return him to Heaven. Next, he comes back to Earth as a bee.

When Rose takes her bees to the scientific event, one of them becomes Beckett in this case. She finishes her presentation and in response Professor scorns her calling her hopeless. Then he shows off his own invention which leaves everyone amazed.

Beckett is able to sting one of the henchmen behind the scenes. However, because Beckett loses his stinger as a result of that action, he dies; then after going to Heaven again, he returns as himself from there.

Eventually there is an uproar backstage; the professor has been caught red handed by the audience when it was about falling apart altogether at once and all starts over again albeit differently; this causes Rose also flee as well only while she does it in another direction where both their 10 Lives are safe than those of us who they were leaving behind.

The professor falls down from running around after tripping over Happy’s conveniently placed toy left by Happy whom Beckett met earlier on before being attacked by Einstein and Darwin stinging him on his buttocks with their robotic bees’ stings. 

Rose too will run from these robodrones behind her who only stop chasing her when she jumps into the ocean nearly suffocating herself there and nearly drowns

Does Rose die?

Can we say that Rose dies or not? 

Beckett does not let her drown, and hence Rose does not die. Yet Beckett who pushes her down to water to be carried off by Larry who raises her from the water goes on and drowns himself. 

Oh, but this is just the beginning of another story of Beckett; again he is brought back to earth as a kitten with 10 Lives in front of his little paws.

In the end of the movie 10 Lives, Beckett is in an animal shelter. A small girl enters accompanied by her parents who are looking for a new pet. Who do you think they choose? Why Beckett! But who is that little girl? She is a daughter of now married couple –Rose and Larry.

Rose has no idea that his own recent cat was exactly same lost cat she remembered having before which makes her rename her new/old cat with its previous name since she still longs for Beckett.

What did Beckett learn?

After all when it’s all said and done, what did he learn? And when it comes to him at last what has been taught him?

Towards the end of the movie we discover that “when you live and love with all your heart, one life is enough” was what was drilled into Becket’s skull.

To add more details on this note, he found out how important it was not to take life for granted. Prior to his own going through changes, he failed to appreciate how lucky he was to have a place called home together with a caring owner. On top of losing different 10 Lives, there were chances when he could have lived with Rose ninety-nine times over in their lovely house only if he were given another opportunity; at least this way made him realize how fortunate he had been previously. 

Asides from that, during these adventures in the movie, he learns selfishness versus concern for others. So he did it when he saved his Rose from Dr. Paynes evil plan and then paid with his own life. 

Thus, Beckett had evolved into the finest form of himself- a cat that cared for both, those around him as well as its own cherished existence.

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