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The protagonist of Rewind the story is John. It’s about a man who dreams of being promoted to replace the retiring owner as CEO, but this dream ruins his relationships with his wife and child among other things. John does not care about his spouse Mary and son Austin. John’s love for Mary has always been strong until his aspiration stands on their way.

He remains silent whenever he is at home, talking to others without even minding them such as when his wife stays up all night considering that she has given up everything in order to take care of her house.

But things went haywire when the Chief Executive Officer promoted another person during a birthday party, pushing an infuriated and drunken John into leaving after insulting him. While clearing out his desk, Vivian comes to him; inebriated John kisses her passionately saying it is a goodbye kiss.

This interaction between Vivian and him was later forwarded by unknowingly assistant to Mary at her seat in the car which led to an argument where we had Mary threatening she could jump out.

While driving, the disagreement distracts driver John from seeing a guy leaping in front of their car thereby causing an accident leading eventually to Mary’s death at hospital. In the mourning period that follows Lodz appears before John offering him away out if only he could let go off one life so as to save Mary.

There is nothing new in Rewind since there are many movies already covering stories about second chances. Additionally, it poorly executed and its dialogues are at times dull. The narrative moved too fast at first passing through its burning sections while creating marriage love story that was falling apart. Therefore, rather than making the story more unique by showing their loving moments together with few illustrations between them they lost us in this script that would have differentiated it from other films with Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes acting alongside each other.

The plot development itself lacks depth; there are no emotional connections to the characters that would underline the twist of sacrificing one’s life for another. The narrative is cliche-ridden which makes it hard for the audience to hold a straight face and can easily be classified as an average film.

However, what distinguishes Rewind among others is Mary and John’s chemistry along with longing for her great exit in real and reel lives.

I found Rewind predictable, just about shading within the lines without anything outstanding or heart wrenching, which is such a pity. It’s not bad at all.

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