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The Tearsmith is a sultry gothic Italian film based on the dark fantasy novel, Fabbricante di Lacrime by Erin Doom. It starts in Grave, which is a forsaken orphanage with dim hidden angles and frightening tales about the craftsman of tears who creates fears that torment human beings.

However, Nica at 17 has to abandon Grave with all its stories after she is finally adopted by the kind Milligans. Unfortunately, her new home also houses Rigel, a fellow former inmate of Grave Orphanage. They hate each other but they end up drawing towards each other due to shared pain from the orphanage life. The unspoken attraction does not help either!

Why does Rigel pretend to hate Nica?

Then he kept Nica’s necklace when instructions were given by Miss Margaret who was managing Grave Orphanage. Additionally, when Margaret locked her away and the only one with Nica was he instead comforting her holding onto his hand. While trying so hard to keep her out of trouble though he self-inflicts himself creating an injury meant for diverting Margaret’s attention from any wrongdoing that Nica may have done; however their friend Adeline discovers it yet she maintains his secret.

Adeline also knows he got himself adopted by the Milligans so he could be with Nica. However; it would ruin everything if his best friend found out about it because she now has a family whom she loved just as much as him. He sees himself as a monster and realizes that it is better to let her be social distancing herself away from him completely until rejecting adoption at last.

Why does Nica think she doesn’t fit in with the Milligans?

Nica believes she’s broken inside and ugly outside too. At times while being worked inside closed room filled with bugs by Miss Margaret at an orphanage trying to make sure that she doesn’t like animals. Nica still has PTSD which crops up when her foster mother, Anna puts on a belt for her. She is also embarrassed that she has feelings for Rigel and worries what the Milligans will think if they find out.

However, Adeline tells her that she has found her place and she has people who accept her for who she is The Tearsmith. While testifying in court against Margaret’s abuse, Nica reveals that she loves Rigel, causing her to have a panic attack but Anna helps to alleviate it without shaming her about love. By confessing her love which aids in getting Margaret put away; thus accepting herself and picturing a future with him.

Is there incest in The Tearsmith?

The movie is not technically incest because neither are Nica nor Rigel siblings or raised as siblings by their parents. Instead, the two fall in love as children while at the orphanage. However most of the conflicts arising from the movie revolve around this step-sibling trope; so they are adopted by the Milligans too.

They try not to act on their wishes since as soon as papers go through then they become legally step-siblings. However, all this changes when just before prom night Rigel turns down the adoption offer from his dad completely. This means therefore that Nica and Rigel do not end up being step-brother and sister after all as they eventually get together.

How does The Tearsmith end?

Grave children decide to sue Miss Margaret for the physical and mental torture she subjected them to. However, some few among them are threatened by Margaret’s team in order to keep quiet. It is at the worst point during the trial when Nica admits her love for Rigel on the witness stand. Nevertheless, she goes ahead and contends that Margaret had also forced Rigel to watch as she abused the young ones.

This suffices and Miss Margaret is found guilty. Nica rushes to tell Rigel about the good news and he comes out of a coma which he was thrown into when escaping from Lionel—a class bully. She understands that there are people who love her just as she is and envisions herself living with them forever while being married to Rigel someday in such future life.

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