Top 3 Romantic Films To Watch On Netflix

Top 3 Romantic Films
Top 3 Romantic Films To Watch On Netflix
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Three movies that explore the complexity of relationships and love are “Marriage Story” (2019), “A Star Is Born” (2018), and “Persuasion” (2022). “Marriage Story” is a heart-wrenching tale of a couple’s divorce and the emotional toll it takes on them and their child. “A Star Is Born,” tells the story of a seasoned musician who falls in love with a struggling artist, and their journey as their careers take different paths. In 2022, a film adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel titled “Persuasion” will be released. Which tells the story of a woman who is compelled to face her past love upon his return to her life. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be entertained with the Top 3 Romantic Films.

Marriage Story (2019)

Sometimes, the smallest stories are the hardest to tell. Making a film about a dying love interesting, unique, and new is not a trivial matter. How many times have you seen this happen on the big screen? Noah Baumbach ( Frances Ha, Growing Young ) succeeds with grace and originality. Supported by the couple Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in the role of the two main protagonists. With them is the talented Laura Dern who plays the woman’s lawyer and who has already won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for this role. The Academy nominated Marriage Story for six awards. Including Best Picture, Best Actor for Adam Driver, and Best Actress for Scarlett Johansson. However, the film only won one award, with Laura Dern taking home the trophy for Best Supporting Actress.

A Star Is Born (2018)

A remake of a story brought to the screen many times. A Star Is Born tells the romantic parable between Jackson Maine (Cooper), a rock star in decline, and Ally (Lady Gaga), a talented singer on the rise. Ally remains committed to fulfilling Jackson’s dream of becoming a world-famous pop star. While also staying by his side, as Jackson struggles with alcohol abuse away from the stage. It’s a drama, perfectly played by the Cooper-Gaga duo. 

Persuasion (2022)

Based on the famous novel by Jane Austen. The film with Dakota Johnson in the role of the protagonist Anne Elliot is a modern and dynamic transposition, albeit not reversed from the original plot. Anne is a young nonconformist who, far from the dictates of the time, has now passed the “marriageable age”. Anne had only loved one man in her life, Frederick Wentworth. Whose family had forced her to leave due to his non-noble origins. Wentworth, now an important naval officer and still charming, re-enters Anne’s life with their roles reversed. With the protagonist constantly talks in the car and has amusing intrigues. Persuasion is a classic that manages to give pure romantic entertainment.

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