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As the Halloween party is recapped in a press conference by the President, he begins to have visions of his son. Then Chucky turns into dizziness and he even hears the boy calling him before he has to leave abruptly.

That sight alarms his wife, so she goes to talk with Warren Pryce. Although he suggests that it might be time for them to disclose information to the public, she refuses. It would only make people lose faith in the current presidency. So, she is shown another thing by that CIA agent: a video of a child disappearing during the middle of the party. He implies that something supernatural is going on, but Charlotte doesn’t buy it.

Chucky lays healthily horrid in bed which almost his hair is gone; all there remains are bruises and wrinkles covering him up. When a woman comes to clean the room, he kills her but complains that doesn’t make him happy anymore. Meanwhile, Devon and Jake try to come up with some plan dealing with him until they realize they can also resort to magic.

Henry checks in on Chucky which makes him have horrible visions as well where blood is splattered against his wall and Teddy, his late bodyguard talks to him. The kid runs to his mother who says she’ll examine his room making him feel better but there at least Chucky tries killing her too since she can’t use his knife anymore.

Charlotte later sees Grant depressed in bed so she tries talking with him about Lexy. They discuss how careful he needs to be and find someone he can trust according to her. The next day, however; he ends up seeing her on his way school whereupon his body guard advises speaking with girl though hesitating but agreeing start over meeting up watching movies together night.

Devon and Jake talk Dr.Rosen who took care of Chucky earlier this season so they convince telling what’s going on where doll dying though advises them stay away from Chucky because their lives will be much better and safer.

While the President looks at a picture of his late son, he notices something strange on the floor. When touches it, he backs away scared, realizing it’s blood. Then, he runs back home and locks himself inside his room. He tells Charlotte, who is there too, about his visions and that he believes Joseph’s ghost is tormenting him. She gets furious and says he needs to get better soon, as she can’t take care of the family alone.

When Chucky watches TV ,he makes fun of M3gan The Boy and other evil doll movies .Then ,he sees a report about Tiffany being on death row .

Meanwhile Jake and Devon talk about what they should do whereupon Devon is scare things will get more dangerous one of them will end up dying even though they have more things to do so they decide spend night in motel away from all that however next day devon proposes run away chucky is dying but jake cant do that which convinces him keep going after doll

Charlotte goes and tells Agent Warren everything that’s happening, after talking with her husband. He believes the President all of a sudden and suggests there might be a ghost in the White House. She laughs at him thinking he’s crazy, but then a flag starts moving by itself. It turns into someone being strangled and drops.

Chucky calls Tiffany, who seems to be more in charge of the prison now than ever before, and tells her he’s dying. He says he doesn’t know why he killed all those people. He even says that if the kids come after him, he should let them kill him. But Tiffany says all that talk isn’t Chucky. If he’s going to die anyway, might as well go out with a bang.

As the President is walking around the house, he hears Joseph calling him again. He goes into his son’s room and sits on his bed. All of a sudden, he hears a weird noise and sees it’s Chucky. He doesn’t pay attention to the doll because Joseph is standing in front of him, but that was a mistake. Chucky knocks down the president and pulls out his eyes. Then takes from man’s pocket card with many codes saying about inferno

The Review

Chucky is back — and funnier than ever! Seriously though, it’s hard to look at all that makeup (and not laugh). Also, I appreciate his depression over it — good stuff! The scene where he kills the cleaning lady & goes off about how it isn’t so fun anymore… hilarious.

But as funny as that may be – I’m glad to see him returning to himself at the end; taking out those eyes when killing the President — now THAT’S some heartlessness we want outta Chucky!!! Unfortunately though…that might affect the kids too much…as they haven’t given up completely … Devon talking with Jake screams death flag so one of our boys might be going down at the end!!! 

Not every plot hits right, like Charlotte & the CIA agent’s actions. But it’s cool to see everything coming together. Plus there’s a ghost out there apparently — can’t wait to find out how that plays into things!!!

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