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Baby Reindeer is a show on Netflix that revolves around Donny Dunn, a struggling comedian who becomes the target of a woman named Martha. Everything starts for Danny when he notices a sad lady sitting at his bar who claims to have no money for drinks; so, he gives her free tea. This act of kindness sets off years’ worth of hurt — emotional, psychological and physical.

Donny’s personal life is as confused as his feelings about this woman stalking him; he lives with his ex-girlfriend’s mother, and things aren’t going well in terms of career either. He dates women but also thinks he might be gay or bi-curious because they are transgendered; however this still doesn’t help him figure out what’s wrong with dating men too sometimes. Also, past traumas prevent many people from getting close enough for them to know anything true about themselves which is why it doesn’t take long before Martha has made certain she never gets rid off anybody ever again.

At its base level Baby Reindeer is about man being stalked by woman story but it takes unique approach as most stories tend to focus more on sexual or lust driven aspects often seen in movies. Besides exploring these sexual references within script though writer also tries showing that stalkers are mentally ill people needing help just like their victims which adds whole new dimensionality into mix along with delving into themes such as sexual abuse survivors coping mechanisms among others.

The scariest thing isn’t even knowing someone could be watching your every move but not knowing if one day they’ll finally strike back at you or what they’ll do next — and that’s why Baby Reindeer will hold you hostage until 2024 ends. This statement sounds cliché considering all those other shows where they say “based real events” happened blah blah… But this time around it does make sense since everything happened author actually went through personally; therefore making everything seem so real which is why Baby Reindeer stands out from other dramas.

In addition to being a gripping story, the writer also explores deep emotions and hard drugs, making Donny an incredibly relatable character. It brilliantly depicts stalking through Martha who has been written with such complexity that she can make you hate her for being so violent while still feeling sorry for how pathetic does this sound?. The performance given by this actress must be one of those performances where people say “she’s brilliant” or “she deserves award nominations” because otherwise I don’t know what else could be said about someone who brought nightmares not only to life but also right in front of our eyes.

For all its charm, Baby Reindeer is perhaps not best suited for those of a delicate disposition as it comes across as a multi layered work. It is uncomfortable and tense; it is also distressing and deeply unsettling. Nor are Donny’s present or past experiences funny in any way, though it may be billed as a comedy. Yet this show’s honesty – which makes the viewer squirm – is what captivates them most about Baby Reindeer. Furthermore, the way tension builds up and interacts with dark humour, danger, fearfulness, vulnerability and confusion is very powerful.

Baby Reindeer shows us what happens when an individual becomes devastated by an event so much that their psyche breaks down completely; leaving them lonely and insecure within themselves forever after. While it could be hard to watch due to unrelenting hopelessness combined with heavy subject matter , Baby Reindeer still manages to be engagingly different from anything else out there because of its sheer honesty.

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