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Final Throb

In La Partitura Secreta of Season 1, number 8 begins with discovering the red bird on a statue of the silver chain near the gate and remembering that the bird had somehow led her into the museum. When it perches on her finger, she sees through past vision of Staqui speaking to her grandson that the bird seeks out a guardian who believes themself to be the guardians of the score. Each guardian has a symbol on the backs of their hands which represents their powers. Maya also learns that his guide decides whether or not the score should be hidden or left on earth’s surface but there are consequences.

What happens to Maya and Max?

Having an opportunity to perform in La Partitura Secreta episode, Maya and Max therefore sing a song about how they are made for each other. Both have been attracted towards one another but held back because Leo is always around hovering and confessing feelings while she already has an invisible boyfriend who might be snooping around everywhere.

After their performance, Max asks Tenoch for a favor: To teleport them somewhere exotic where he can be alone with Maya away from Leo figure skatting around. So Tenoch takes them to Paris before returning back for his performance with Rafa. Max confesses saying he does not want to get between Maya and Leo but he’s never felt like this for anyone else before however Maya reciprocates and they kiss promising to figure everything out once they get Leo back.

What happens to Rafa?

After hearing the music score in previous episode, Rafa starts by teleporting Connie and Paulina into Gael’s room making him think he has power of teleportation however Dod thinks it’s so much more which helps him realize that he can copy other people’s powers. He is still helping Dod look for Gael so he teleports into town looking for him but cannot find him. Once Connie helps Dod figure out where Gael is located, Rafa copies Andy’s power of transformation and uses it to find the music scores which he delivers to Dod.

Do the kids get Leo back?

Connie listens in on Gael’s conversation and Dod figures out where he is heading. He asks Rafa to copy Andy’s power of transformation so he can be Maya and directs the siblings on where to find Gael. Meanwhile, Tenoch teleports guardians of the score to Paris to pick up Max and Maya then they head over to Gael’s location.

They arrive just in time before handing briefcase over to fake Maya. There is a fight for briefcase between two groups who want ownership, resulting in them splitting contents where Connie and Rafa end up with pendant while Maya’s group gets music score. With time almost up, Tenoch teleports Max and Maya into attic first so they can save Leo while he heads back down to help others get pendant then bring them all up into attic.

Before the entire moon passes, Maya and Max have two minutes in the attic so they play the score very fast. But when they were arguing, Maya injured her wrist and can’t play it. She against her gut to let Max play it while holding it up to the mirror. Connie doesn’t catch up with Tenoch and the others but she finds Nati hurt at the edge of the cliff, and they all make it back to the music room.

La Partitura Secreta gets there just in time for Leo to reappear, but at that exact moment, Max disappears as well as both music scores.

How does Season 1 end?

It turns out that Rafa is Nati and he follows them into the attic. He waits until Leo reappeared then took both music scores to Dod. He has both scores now he says with joyfulness and “I can’t wait to play them” and get silver score.

The Review

This final episode wraps up season 1’s storyline nicely; the kids get Rafa back but Max disappears through a hole in space-time created by Dod taking both music scores from him. The series ends on a cliffhanger when Max disappears right before their eyes — although this could be seen as just another twist in an otherwise convoluted plot filled with them. It’s unclear why Dod had to take both music scores if he already had one, or how he knew where they would appear next; more importantly though, what happens now?

This ending suggests there may be second season where kids try retrieve stolen music scores so that they can bring back Max or save something else entirely different altogether who knows really anything goes these days everything changes always forevermore after all we live we die we love we lose our minds over trivial things such as television shows like this one which has potential but falls short due lackluster writing poor character development terrible pacing meandering subplots confusing storylines illogical plot twists obvious foreshadowing lack of attention detail and overall just being way too long for its own good.

The music scores are now in Dod’s hands so will the guide leave them on the surface or hide them? But Gael had said only people under 20 years old can hear the score, so is it possible that Dod won’t be able to hear the music when he plays the score? If they’re hidden then how will the guardians find Max? It’s a fitting ending to season one but we can’t wait for season two release date because we need to know more about who/what guides are/how they work/if there actually is one at all etc guardians powers ultimate power of song where did these kids come from why do they have symbols on their hands what does any this even mean I’m just so confused right now somebody help me understand life please.

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