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Paleontologists became famous in the 90s when a sitcom called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. mentioned it and Jurassic Park was released. Fast forward to now and we have another Hulu original series with a paleontologist as the main character who is just as quirky and fun. We follow Nina, a 20-something-year-old autistic paleontologist on Dinosaur.

Her sister is getting married after being in a relationship with her six-week-long Tinder boyfriend. Not only does she try to avoid the fact that her sister, soulmate, best friend — Evie — is going to be married, but she also tries to balance her love life and professional life at the same time. Dinosaur is a well-written dramedy that focuses on the issues that many young adults of this generation are dealing with.

It’s coming out in April which is Autism Awareness Month so it tells the story of a young woman who has autism holding her back from living her life to the fullest extent. But it also shows you what family members have to go through when they have someone with autism.

Dinosaur puts a lot of focus on communication especially between Nina and her brother Bo, sister Evie and mother. She tells them how she truly feels about what they’re saying or doing or not saying or doing and listens when they call her out for something. Nina really is such an enjoyable character and I wish she would’ve gotten better than what happened with Lee in terms of her romantic relationship.

The characters are all very well written because every single one will frustrate you at some point while watching this show – including Nina! The ending was left open-ended leaving hope for another season where we get to see more of Nina’s growth (and maybe even Lee returning).

Expectations were high since Fleabag did so well but unfortunately towards end it became monotonous closing off like most shows do which makes them predictable so there wasn’t much growth/progress expected from characters and it seemed like things were rushed for them to get where they were going. I would’ve loved to see more of Nina and Lee’s relationship because they definitely are the most relatable characters on Dinosaur.

Lee is so open about his loneliness and depression that you can’t help but want someone to swoop in and just love him in the way he deserves, but then at the same time when Nina accepts her lack of social skills and feeling overwhelmed by everything due to her condition – I felt very seen. It’s funny, it’s realistic and it’s a mini-series that the youth of this generation will love.

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