The Top Five Luc Besson Directed Movies Of All Time

The Top Five Luc Besson Directed Movies Of All Time
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1985 / Thriller / France

The Underground, Luc Besson’s second feature picture, is compared by true movie enthusiasts to fine French wine, the ideal mate for happiness and subdued melancholy. Young actors Isabelle Adjani, Christopher Lambert, and Jean Reno performed the primary roles in this 1986 French film distribution leader, which won three Cesar Awards. The audience will have to determine whether Fred, a seasoned thief-adventurer, is only after the main character’s husband’s material wealth. Or whether he is madly in love with her and believes that blackmail is the only way for him to see Helena, a rebel from the world of money and glamour, once more.

The Big Blue

1988 / Drama / USA, France, Italy

Few people are aware that Luc Besson was born into a family of diving instructors. That he was interested about diving and underwater photography as a young man. And that he even considered making a career out of living near the ocean. With The Deep Blue, his debut English-language movie. In truth, by telling a tale about freedivers who fall in love with the infinite, salty depths, the French film director, screenwriter, and producer paid homage to a boyhood fantasy.

In reality, the two forerunners of breath-hold diving, Jacques Mayol and Enzo Mallorca, are the major characters in the picture. They spent a great deal of time counselling the director, who used an underwater camera frequently while working on this movie. The entrancing splendour of the depths below Jacques (Jean-Marc Barr) and Enzo were unable to let go of them due to their allure and mystery (Jean Reno). Since they were kids, they have been rivals.

La Femme Nikita

1990 / Thriller, Action / France, Italy

When a young drug addict commits a crime, the Secret Service takes care of her rather than sending her through the whirlwind of traditional punishment. She can choose between receiving punishment for what she did or starting over. By selecting option two, she intentionally and permanently renounces her past, as well as her present and future. She is now Nikita, a young woman equipped with a weapon who has been taught to kill without hesitation. The killer girl Nikita, played by Anne Parallo (Besson’s wife at the time of filming), spurred Canadian producers. To construct a multi-season spy series starring Peta Wilson and Besson. This tale served as a sort of warm-up for the masterwork “Leon” with Jean Reno They also played a part in this.


1994 / Drama, Crime, Thriller / France

Leon, a professional killer who has no mercy and has no compassion. He meets Matilda, a charming neighbour, and the police family becomes involved in the drug trade. A man and a girl will both feel love and intense affection for the first time as a result of this acquaintance. While developing his previous movie Nikita, Luc Besson had the concept for Leon. In actuality, Victor the Janitor (Jean Reno) deals with the fallout from Nikita’s unsuccessful mission in the third act of the movie. Surprisingly, Besson chose to develop a distinct story based on the character’s untapped potential. Victor and Leon arrive wearing knit hats, sunglasses, and heavy wool coats. It is one of the Luc Besson directed movies

The Fifth Element

1997 / Adventure, Action / USA, France

Doors between realms open once every 5,000 years, and evil powers try to disrupt the peace. The universe needs a hero to fight this evil every 5,000 years. Korben Dallas, a taxi driver in New York, is faced with two challenges in the year 23: saving the entire human race and finding the ideal female. Lilu, an alien, will assist him with this. The movie had a $90 million budget. when it was published. It was also the movie with the most expensive special effects ever produced outside of Hollywood. The life of actress and model Milla Jovovich, who is of Russian descent. She plays the primary female part in the movie. She was able to land the role on the second try, and while the movie was being made, Milla and Besson started dating.

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