Christmas Films To Watch With The Family

Christmas Films To Watch With The Family
Christmas Films To Watch With The Family
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Santa Claus

France, Belgium, 2014, directed by Alexandre Coffret

A hilarious and kind movie. A story like this can only happen during the New Year holidays. The main character is Santa Claus. But not a simple one, he is a cunning thief: wearing a costume, he breaks into houses and takes everything he sees. In one of the houses, the thief meets little Antoine, who immediately believes that he is the real Santa Claus. The boy tells him about his most cherished dreams and is not going to let the thief go without making his wishes come true. Santa Claus has no choice but to take the boy with him. Everything happening on the screen is credible, despite the obviously fantastic plot.

One Christmas Eve

USA, 2014, directed by Jay Russell

Miracles do exist, the main thing is to believe in them. Especially on Christmas Eve. That’s how one day a large family discovers a box with a cute puppy on their doorstep. Of course, they take him in, completely unaware that the dog will turn their whole former life upside down. A beautiful and slightly philosophical film that teaches you to love, care for your neighbor, and believe in miracles. After all, it’s more fun that way!

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

USA, 2012, directed by Kim Merrill

In the year of the dog, and on Christmas Eve, I recommend this film to everyone. The action takes place during the Great Depression in Doverville, a town that hates dogs. The main character, plucky girl Emma, played by wonderful fourteen-year-old American actress Jordan-Claire Green, with the help of her friends, saves the dog shelter and brings back the city’s tradition of celebrating Christmas. I hope whoever sees this movie will not be disappointed. And those who have seen it can watch it again, I’m sure they’ll discover something new.

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