Must Watch Movies With A Good IMDB Score

Must Watch Movies With A Good IMDB Score
Must Watch Movies With A Good IMDB Score
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The IMDB scores are the best way to review movies. If one wants to see any movie, they first check the ratings or score. If the movies have good IMDB scores then only a person goes to the theater or buys an online subscription to watch. Here we have provided a list of good score IMDB movies that are a treat to watch.

Night Games

The USA, crime comedy, 2018

What started out as a thrilling game turns out to be something much more real for a few couples. They stand a good chance of remembering this night for the rest of their lives…if they manage to survive it.


USA, action, thriller, comedy, crime, 2010

An army of assassins unceremoniously barges into the life of former CIA agent Frank Moses, trying to enjoy his retirement. To fight back, Frank enlists the help of former colleagues.

The Cure for Health

USA/Germany, thriller, 2017

A young American clerk travels to an elite resort in the Swiss Alps to retrieve his company executive from there. When he arrives, he realizes that it’s not just a spa, and the treatment is not at all what it seems.


France, drama, melodrama, comedy, 2011

One day, the fabulously charming Nathalie kisses her young colleague Marcus. For no particular reason, for no reason at all. And doesn’t even give it any importance. But Marcus is stunned: a chance kiss has turned his life upside down!

Unbroken Circle

Belgium/Netherlands, melodrama, music, 2012

Didier plays banjo in a band, lives in a trailer in the Belgian countryside, and worships America as “the land of freedom.” Alice owns a tattoo parlor. They fall in love at first sight.

Last of the Mohicans

USA, action, drama, melodrama, adventure, war, 1992

An oscar-winning historical drama based on James Fenimore Cooper’s work of the same name, set in the middle of the uncharted lands of the American Frontier.

Nine Yards 2

USA, action-comedy, 2003

Decent hitman Jimmy Tedeschi never gets a break. Dentist Oz’s wife is kidnapped by a Hungarian gang, and “Tulip” has to bail out his friend in the sequel to the movie hit about love, friendship, and bullets.

Homicide Football

China/Hong Kong, sports comedy, 2001

Six brothers unite to create an unbeatable soccer team. They want to combine the experience of ancient kung fu masters and modern soccer fighting tactics.

Bohemian Rhapsody

USA/UK, biographical drama, 2018

The story of the dizzying rise of the iconic rock band Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury to the top of musical Olympus.

The Irishman

The USA, crime thriller, 2011

A film based on true events that tell the story of Danny Greene, who went all the way from a private gunman to one of Cleveland’s most powerful mobsters

The Lion

USA/Australia/United Kingdom, biographical drama, 2016

Lost in Calcutta as a five-year-old, the hero begins a difficult journey home that is destined to end only after… 25 years. Six Oscar nominations.

The Other Woman

USA, romantic comedy, 2014

Carly discovers that her perfect boyfriend is married, then she meets his wife and mistress. Soon the three deceived women unite to take revenge on the voluptuous lover.

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