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Best Frightening Movie
Best Frightening Movie You Can Watch It
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These three films represent a diverse range of horror cinema, from classic black-and-white creature features to gritty. And violent exploitation movies. “The Panther Woman,” tells the tale of a scientist who transforms a beautiful woman into a panther, while “Chromosome 3” explores the disturbing consequences of genetic experimentation. Meanwhile, “The Hills Have Eyes” is a brutal and shocking film about a family stranded in the desert who must fight to survive against a clan of mutated cannibals. Despite their differences, all three films are bound together by their willingness to push the boundaries of what audiences find frightening, making them unforgettable entries in the horror genre. So, here is the list of the best frightening movie.

The Panther Woman (1942)

Dir : Jacques Tourneur

Horror Film

A classic of the genre. As it was a very low-budget film and Tourneur had no means to show the creature of the title. He invented a way to create atmosphere and suspense through shadows. And all the means available to the cinema. Dozens of directors have imitated him afterward.

Scariest moment: A woman in the pool begins to hear noises, see strange shadows, to feel harassed. But she doesn’t know by whom. She starts screaming and suddenly a woman in a fur coat innocently appears. She is the panther woman.

Chromosome 3 (1979)

Director : David Cronenberg


A woman’s subconscious aberrations take the form of monstrous children. Who is dedicated to murdering whoever it takes to satisfy their creator’s repressed desires? Director David Cronenberg made the most terrifying and unpleasant psychological film that could come out of his head.

Scariest moment: The film is full of moments of tension that was filmed according to the Hitchcock-style book. But the most chilling moment is when the mother and psychological patient reveal the origin of these monsters: tumors that are born from herself.

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Dir: Wes Craven


Don’t be fools from the 2006 remake. Wes Craven gave away another of his credentials as a master of terror with this story about a mutated society that acts as a predator of everything stranded in its area.

Scariest moment: Despite the physical deformation of its characters. The best thing about the film is when we don’t see them. Just as they observe their victims through binoculars. That moment gave the film its haunting name for a reason.

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