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Together: Treble Winners Manchester City FC have become the strongest team in English football, since Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan bought them out. Man City have only grown stronger since then by buying the best players and dominating the Prem League with a seemingly endless pot of cash to tap into. But every title they won was hard-won, not least when it came to facing Liverpool or Arsenal. Without making mention of those 115 financial fair play charges conveniently swept under the carpet here.

The years under Pep Guardiola has seen the champions from England adapt to new challenges and this season’s change comes in terms of a new striker named Erling Haaland. For Manchester City, everything changed when Haaland arrived at Eithad Stadium.

Together: Treble Winners is an on-the-fly documentary shot with a handheld camera crew following players and staff around; it tells Man City’s historic treble win complete with its highs and lows. It is a rather good enough movie but if compared to All or Nothing on Amazon Prime then this one slightly disappoints.

Some episodes fly through games in Citeh’s calendar, like match highlights packed within ten seconds or so for some. Such as six goals that were scored during a crazy game against Newcastle which ended up as 3-3 are glossed over except for counting goals while watching it doesn’t make you feel nervous at all.

Conversely, behind-the-scenes strategies are reduce to snapshots of team talks and little musical interludes intersperse with talking head interviews about routines or key moments in that campaign. Sadly, there isn’t much more here beyond surface-level gloss which is pretty disappointing.

The middle section of episodes does help ease those concerns somewhat when City finally crashed out the cup towards Southampton as they started losing heavily turning the tide and adding some much needed drama along the way. For instance, episode four features an “important” match during Nottingham Forest but such incidents are too few and far between.

You will probably love this if you are a Manchester City fan or the episodes are long enough for you to relive every up and down of the season without having to go in-depth, like Premier League Years—though that’s still my better selection here.

Together: Treble Winners isn’t an awful documentary but it’s also not a very great one. It is actually quite underwhelming considering that it skips through the main events of City’s season with some good insight, banter and memorable moments thrown in but never really challenging anything.

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