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The Casa Grandes are Ronnie Ann’s adventures from the Nick animated series. Between the US and Mexico, the Casagrande family has to travel throughout a much hyped “Summer of 12” for Punguari and Ronnie Ann which is filled with thrills and suspense. The 85-minute film directed by Miguel Puga provides comedy, emotion and action in equal measure.

Eight centuries ago, Chipiri and Sisiki were celebrating the New Fire ceremony. During this rite, Demigod Punguari becomes adamant about becoming an actual god so her parents become mad at her. On the other hand, they think that she is immature to handle such responsibility hence trying to cool her off. In turn, Punguari initially agrees but then behaves badly leading to devastations and failing the New Fire ritual.

Ronnie Ann’s summer at 12 was set for a memorable one around some 800 years later when her family decided to go on vacation in Mexico but things took another turn. Despite its vibrant climate and range of offerings, she doesn’t appreciate it at all. It turns out that she meets somebody who changes their lives as well as adding into what happens in that island.

The incident results in significant changes occurring on Ronnie’s great-grandmother’s island? What next for Ronnie? How does teenage influence affect destiny of an island? Does Punguari face any consequences at all? What lies behind pungari ancient history and present day issues? Watch it on Netflix.

The movie ‘The Casa Grandes’ is a lively screenplay whether it is birthday party or surprise family trip. This means that every little detail counts because even fireballs or selfie stands have far-reaching implications across this narrative structure. Besides, comedy simply enhances its appeal like rescuing people using long list of stuffs such as itineraries eyeballs bird shit.

You will probably feel close to bonding between Maria and Ronnie Ann or Sisiki and Punguari that reflect true love and care. For instance, the movie has character arcs when the mother and her daughter realize that they should have listened to each other. This particular moment comes a full circle which is very touching to the audience.

The film emphasizes that it takes life experience to grow up, pay attention to surroundings, as well as maturity applies to everyone regardless of age limits. People should be give a chance to gain experiences rather than disappointedly viewing them as kids. Thus, its characters’ arcs unfold this message.

Another theme ‘The Casa Grandes’ touches on is the importance of maintaining personal space in relationships. By being control by Maria’s list of things-to-do and other requirements. Ronnie knows how vital it is for both parties in a relationship to have some breathing space. All others need their own minds respected while valuing your own decisions too. In addition, iMaria does not become a good mentor where she fails Sid hence making Ronnie break all her vows.

The climax shows that no matter how old you are you will always be your parent’s child; Maria asks Ronnie whether she remembers being little; then her grandfather urges Maria to park correctly? Even if they still make errors parents always have good intentions towards their children. It’s a lesson learn at the end of this movie.

The Casa Grandes is a colourful mix of paint, thrill, and narration that arrests the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end. It somehow connects with folks on a profound level, in terms of ideas that are common to humanity as well as divinity. The movie wonderfully exhibits that love knows no end whether it is from a mother to her child, an animal to its offspring or even a supreme being to his creatures.

Eventually, The Casa Grandes is an enjoyable film that will draw you in and before you know it, it’s over.

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