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Three air hostesses’, Geeta, Jasmine and Divya, at Kohinoor Airline – a very popular airline that is almost bankrupt. They find out that Mr. Mittal, the Chief Financial Officer of the airline has been using a crew member who died to smuggle gold out of the country for the Chairman of Kohinoor Airlines.

They eventually make money by telling Mr. Mittal to let them ship it abroad for Mr Vijay Walia and they are having a lot of fun too. There is Divya’s old flame, Rajveer Singh who works as a customs officer in her life. Though Rajveer believes Divya could not smuggle gold ever; his colleagues suspect that Divya did it with Geeta and Jasmine.

What happens to the gold hidden on the plane?

The customs officers take Divya, Geeta and Jasmine down for questioning after being tipp off by an ex-Air Hostess. The customs officers have spent hours in interrogating them but end up releasing since there was no any gold find.

It turns out that minutes before they were take into custody, Divya had manage to hide a portion of the gold inside the aircraft. The other members fly with different cabin crew while Geeta, Jasmine and Divya are left behind. And this is how Rajveer discovers that Gold has been find, thus losing faith in Divya.

Why does Vijay Walia flee India?

Jasmine tries to provoke Divya whom she thinks is going to fire her in order not to lose her job because they fight each other physically; Geeta realizes from her correspondent former coworker after she learned about infidelity that occurs between her husband and another staff member’s wife including Ms Mittal who reveals everything regarding this matter at hand. Within no time Kohinoor Airlines goes under making most of its employees which include these airhostesses jobless as well.

But when Vijay Walia is report to have fled to the Middle East, mass hysteria erupts. There he has arranged for his daughter to be marry, and it is all due to gold that Geeta. Jasmine and Divya plus other crew members smuggled abroad. As a result of this, Jasmine loses her last living relative who is a grandfather.

This brings Divya, Geeta and Jasmine back together again so they plan how to steal from Vijay Walia. 

How do Geeta, Divya and Jasmine trick Mr Mittal?

The three threaten India’s police on Mr Mittal as well as promise him 7% share on all the gold they will take away from Vijay Walia. The man agrees with them thus far and decides that while the whole Walia family is occupied with celebrating the marriage ceremony. It will be better for Jasmine to sneak into his suite with key card.

While Divya seeks her brother’s help in hacking CCTV of all areas of the hotel (including Walia’s suite). Jasmin takes advantage of her kleptomania by collecting the key card. Dressed as one of the workers at Hotel Kohinoor. She goes straight to the suite only to find out there isn’t gold there.

What is Jasmine’s “Plan B”?

Plan A has been abandon by Geeta and Divya, but Jasmine still has faith in Plan B. She discloses to her friends that Vijay Walia is leaving the following morning with the stolen gold. They employ a ground staff in India and disguise themselves as the two members of crew on board Vijay Walia’s private jet.

Divya changes Vijay’s pilot for herself who had always dreamt of becoming a pilot flew off towards India. Geeta and Jasmine drugg drinks belonging to Vijay Walia and his son-in-law except they fail to convince Ayesha (Walia’s daughter) to consume the same alcohol having been spike with some roofies.

What happens to Ayesha Walia?

When Vijay passes out, they decide to rob during this time. But unfortunately for them Ayesha wakes up only to find them there. This leads to an altercation between three women in which Jasmine and Geeta overpower her. Tying her up while keeping her locked inside flight storeroom.

What happens to Vijay Walia and all the gold?

Jasmine takes three out of four suitcases of gold into the cockpit; Geeta follows behind carrying one case while Divya receives encouragement from all these friends. In its country of origin where it was register upon landing at home town airport by Divya.

How does Crew end?

At the end of the movie, Rajveer helps Geeta, Divya and jasmine escape via local cops taking all their respective shares away with him including any other valuables leaving remaining suitcase behind intercepted by customs officers.

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