The Best Family Animated Cartoons Movies Ever Made

The Best Family Animated Cartoons Movies Ever Made
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2010 / Comedy, Adventure, Animation / USA

One of the finest Disney princesses with the longest hair has a cartoon where her love is for a young man and not for her sister, mother, or her life’s aspirations. The best animation in it immediately captures your attention when you watch it: The sequence with the Chinese lanterns is one of the most beautiful in animation, and Rapunzel’s golden hair appears as it belongs in advertising since it is elastic and silky. But despite this, the cartoon enthralls viewers with its adventurous spirit, zeal, and intense friendship between the two heroes.

The Humpbacked Horse

1947 / Fantasy, Family film, Cartoon / USSR

Many people might not be familiar with the name of the Soviet animator and educator Ivan Ivanov-Vano. But you undoubtedly seen at least one of his masterful animated films, including “Twelve Months,” “The Tale of Tsar Saltan,” “The Snow Maiden,” and “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” The most well-known of all the animated films, “Humpbacked Horse,” is essentially based on the complex fairy tale by Pyotr Ershov. It was actually practiced all across the world, and Walt Disney showed it to his students while still feeling envious.

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

2017 / Comedy, Adventure, Animation / France

Cartoon in watercolor that is happy, cheery, and innocent from the Ernest and Celestine artists. Of course, the fox in this story is not large or malicious, but rather simple-minded. And as a result, all three of the short stories presented here appear to be amateur theatre productions. Animals actually put them about themselves and enjoy themselves when playing Comic Stories.


1988 / Drama, Animation, Action / Japan

Japanese animated film from the late 1980s. In fact, it’s worth seeing even if just to count how many times you’ve seen shots from it in movies. The anime and cyberpunk genres were heavily impacted by “Akira” for a very long time, and it also had an impact on other movies like “The Matrix,” “Time Looper,” “The Dark Knight,” and so on. In general, switch on this cartoon right now if you still don’t know about the great dude that lives in Neo-Tokyo and rides a red bike.

Kubo and the Two Strings

2016 / Adventure, Family movie, Animation / USA

A remarkable tale about a young boy with a mystical two-string guitar who embarks on an extraordinary voyage with the aid of a martial arts monkey and a scarab beetle (a skilled archer and samurai). Laika, a stop-motion animation studio, has truly excelled here by producing an amazing epic journey replete with allusions to Japanese culture.

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