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What is Harriet trying to achieve?

The Greatest Hits, beginning with Harriet playing an album on her turntable, takes a different twist. She finds herself inside a car with Max asking him to take the second right so as to avoid an accident that she believes will happen anyway. Regrettably, Max ignores Harriet and gets into a fatal car crash instantly. There appears to be something unusual about Harriet’s capability to time-travel via music. She wants to save her boyfriend Max, but so far she has failed in various attempts.

In the present moment we see that Harriet is a quiet woman who regularly attends a group counseling session for people who lost loved ones. It has been two years, but she hasn’t opened up at all in the group discussion. She keeps headphones on all day long for fear of accidentally going back in time when she doesn’t want it. We see how she falls back in time after hearing an old familiar melody on radio of some guy whom she bumped into his car.

This friend Morris of hers knows everything about her traveling through time and why she’s doing it just for Max’s sake! Though he wishes her joy and happiness above everything else, Morris also thinks that it’s high time Harriet stopped living in the past tense. But there was no stopping Harriett; if listening to every record ever made could save Max then that is what Harriett would do. Why? To prevent his death from taking place by persuading him that he should make a right turn before crashing his car.

On these journeys backward through time, however, Maureen feels like there are still moments when they are together again with him as well as other times alone together too. The Greatest Hits, most often she reverts back to the day they met at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) where they danced their hearts out side-by-side only missing each other’s lips by inches several times over. Furthermore, there is the day they spent at the beach. These are moments of eternity that give her solace.

What happens between Harriet & David?

So David has come into Harriett’s group as a patient and like her he’d rather listen than talk about his own pain. Eventually, he falls in love with Harriet and they decide to share custody of one particular Roxy Record limited edition. The Greatest Hits start meeting at coffee houses for the purpose of exchanging records, and David asks Harriet why she always puts on headphones during one such encounter. According to her, it is this way because of a medical condition.

On top of that David has also lost someone he loved: his parents. When he feels pain or wants to remember them, music picks up from where words leave off. While explaining The Greatest Hits, Harriet takes off her earphones during their second session hoping to have a discussion with him but she ends up traveling back in time again by mistake. She runs away scared without even explaining herself properly. She feels guilty when she is with David though she likes him as if she is betraying Max.

However, Moris believes you can’t be unfaithful to someone who’s no longer alive! Morris is doing his job as a friend best; pushing Beverly forward instead of backward! She however remains stuck in reverse mode wishing for do-over buttons. But despite all efforts from her side on such case and many more related ones don’t go away from Helen’s thoughts easily! Now they were pretty much inseparable until anytime she was around him Max would quickly fade into oblivion again…

While things continue, David notices that Harriet is having something like a stroke and reluctantly confesses her secrets. These songs take her back into the past where she tries to save her dead lover. She returns to reality when music stops playing. Though he understands where she’s coming from, David feels that Harriet’s inability to move on is quite disturbing. At this point, he pulls away from her and asks her to pause for a while so as to get thing straightened out. David disbelieves that Harriet can really travel in time at this point.

Before losing David for good, Harriet opts to maintain their relationship. In his garage with him is where David takes her because she realizes it was the place Max visited before the accident. An album which was playing the day Max died, if found by her will be of help in going back in time and saving him.

Later after revisiting back in the past for proving herself right before David: “Take me there… Take me there so that I can see them again.” He still misses his parents; above all, he wishes he could tell them how much he loves them one last time now and then. It’s unfortunate though since Harrier has an ability of time travel whereas David does not think about it anymore.

Was Max saved by Harriet?

One day during an outing Hattie bangs head travels back through time and eventually realized how she could manage to save Max afterwards. However, if she wants Max alive then Hattie must release him since this would only make sense if she goes ahead bidding farewell to him thereby everything changes in future including their meeting with each other at some time even with new boyfriends or girlfriends or any subsequent romantic relationship between two people or whatnot else that might have happened subsequently. It is too heavy but it has got to be done for everyone’s sake henceforth Hattie makes up my mind necessarily as she trips back to the time of their first encounter at the festival where she does not go after him this time.

With Harriet and Max never becoming a couple, everything changes as a result of this little change. A support group meeting David and Harriet attended wherein Harriet was also present for the first time occurred only because of Max’s death. However, something surprising happens towards the end. It is within reach; when Harriet bumps into David at the music festival, we feel like our love story might just be starting once more.

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