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A classic feel-good romantic comedy

Love, Divided is another recent Spanish rom-com on Netflix with Valentina as a budding pianist played by Atiana and new neighbour David played by Fernando Guallar. Valentina’s love life is chaotic having broken up with her boyfriend Oscar who also happened to be her piano trainer. Despite being talented, she feels obliged to Oscar for his support because she prefers composing and singing instead.

On the contrary, David is totally different. He is an introvert and fearful person who likes staying indoors where his only company is a cat named Murphy. His best friend Nacho occasionally comes in the house once in a while. A lot of noise distracts David who works from home especially from his neighbors. He so much cares about peace to the extent that he does everything possible to chase away any noisy neighbors. However, when Valentina comes into play, David gets involved in a clash between two people who are not ready to back down.

The movie appears like a refurbished version of French film Blind Date. It’s a romantic comedy whose underlying message is about how two complete strangers meet through one wall partitioning their houses. This special wall lets them chat every day. At first they hate each other but later become friends before falling in love. Their relationship helps them overcome their fears and become better people.

In “Love, Divided,” Aitana Ocaña, a Spanish singer takes on acting for the first time and nails it as adorable Valentina. Due to her charming ‘girl-next-door’ attitude and lovely front hair cuts you can’t help but cheer for her character. However,Fernando Guallar does an excellent job portraying David; someone who has been trapped at home for years just because he dislikes crowds. Guallar’s performance captures David’s emotional rollercoaster beautifully. From his geeky charm to his heartfelt moments, Gular provides acting that seems real. Relatable with Gular’s geeky charm, his portrayal of David is spot-on and authentic.

Aitana and Fernando have such a high chemistry even if most of them are made through a solid wall. They show how hate-cum-love relationship works between enemies in a special situation. They speak naturally and spontaneously that makes their bond grow fast but interestingly. Valentina’s the perfect prototype of what I call familiar romantic comedy lead.

She just broke up with her boyfriend, moved to the new city, and now she’s overwhelmed with emotions. She has talent but thanks to her ex-boyfriend who made her go for piano instead of singing which was her actual passion.Valentina feels like she owes her ex almost everything though David changes everything for her. David is shy by nature and he does not like going out much.He is very strict which creates some tension.

The film also features an antagonist, Oscar, who manipulates Valentina, pushing her away from her true passion. Supporting them are Carmen who is Valentina’s cousin and Nacho who is David’s business partner as well as best friend. Those two characters will always be there for each other.

Love, Divided is a typical Netflix romantic film, totally fitting with all those cringe-worthy yet utterly adorable movies you get on the platform. In other words, it’s an affectionate cuddle of a movie as expected from a rom-com and of course fulfills all the expectations for its happy ending that every lover of rom-comfanshopes for.

Its climax is also super heartwarming and probably the best part of the film. Both characters overcome their reservations and finally take each other in their arms – they are whole now including their imperfections. It is one of those endings that make your insides tingle.

The movie takes 1 hour, 38 minutes to complete. It starts off at a nice pace but when they start dating, things pick up. The characters are okay but the relationship seems rushed. Two strangers fall in love across a wall just within some few days. They become emotionally dependent on each other too fast; which isn’t quite realistic or speedy or annoying.

Love, Divided may not be spectacular, but it has managed to speak to our inner hearts by using its sugary romance and heartfelt feelings as its weapons for conquering us. Yes, sometimes it can be too sappy and predictable where it will end up but we can all agree on saying that this is what makes it fun right? Love, Divided is perfect for having a snuggly night with your lover and soul mate.

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