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Model House Plot Summary

In Model House, Bella, a famous person, starts the film by taking photos with her fans. Sadly, she is knocked down and dies before long. There was a big project Bella had been working on and so Zoe was brought in as her substitute by her employer. Zoe meets Nadia one of Bella’s colleagues on the first day at work, with whom she gets along very well. On day one however, things take an unfortunate turn when she sprains her ankle.

The models are staying outside the city buzz until the shoot ends in a warm cottage for now. Zoe is new to this modeling scene compared to professionals like Nadia, Sydney, Trudy and Karla. She doesn’t have many viewers or followers on her Instagram account unlike others who have more than 200k followers and are even verified but not yet on Instagram. Other models tell Zoe that she needs to show more skin, wear revealing clothes for people to follow her.

Also occasionally, he sends Zoe videos of female mantises eating their male partners after mating which belong to a certain National Geographic channel as they chat online on Instagram where they also get closer friends each day. Nevertheless Nasia thinks that this guy might be catfishing Zoe.

What do these invaders want? 

Thomas and Annie burst into the model house armed with guns intending to rob them; it turns out dark quickly Women and men demand phones from models or else they will shoot. Though taken hostage momentarily everybody escapes though for some time except for Nadia who later gets caught too. Thomas and Annie aren’t interested in robbing valuables the models possess instead they want their followers; hence they plan setting up donation link from social media pages connected directly to an offshore account that is untraceable.

They will let them go once they have collected a million dollars from their respective fans. Their phones are unlocked by Thomas and Annie so that a page for donations can be created at which point they wait for funds to flow in. As the models fantasize about what they will do when they are rich, they try to identify their captors. Tragedy strikes when Annie kills Carla for warning her followers about her being held against her will.

Thomas now wants to leave with the money collected but Annie (who is also his girlfriend) says not until another hour elapses. Steven, Nadia’s ex-boyfriend enters the house and takes Thomas hostage as he tries to negotiate for the release of the model. Unfortunately, Flip shoots and kills Steven before the models can be released.

What happens to Zoe & the Models?

After Steven died, there was chaos Sydney saw one of their faces and was attacked by them. The intruder, Annie was not lucky either she was also shot by Nadia while fighting over a gun with them. As soon as they realize that they have seen their abductors’ faces and can identify them, Nadia, Trudy and Zoe know that their own lives are at risk. However reluctant Thomas might be Flap and Annie still go ahead and hurt more people including themselves; hence there is going to be bloodshed.

Thomas and Flip are busy cleaning the model house and removing the corpses while in another room, when their models escape. Trudy is killed by Flip and Sydney, and Nadia kills Annie and takes Thomas hostage. However, Flip regains control, killing both models but losing an eye in the process. Zoe runs to a nearby house and calls the police. As the film comes to a close, Zoe goes back into her home.

When Flip tries to attack her, Zoe shoots him three times in his chest that causes his death instantly. The last one left of them all – Thomas tells Zoe that he was nothing more than a pawn; rather Annie and Flip were the brains behind it all. He further discloses to Zoe that it was Annie herself who kept sending her instant messages under another name.

Therefore,  she decides not to set free Thomas; soon after which cops surround the entire place.

But on finding out later that Annie isn’t dead, she escapes from them before they can catch her.

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