Movies Like John Wick to Watch If You Love Action

Movies Like John Wick to Watch If You Love Action
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If You Love the Action Movies of John Wick then We bring you the best Action Movies of John Wick. These movies have a lot of action Thrillers and Crime that you never watch before. So, grab a bowl of popcorn and be ready to watch the most action and adventure movies.

The Equalizer

2014 / Crime, Thriller, Action / USA

Assassination expert Robert McCall, a member of the US military intelligence, is leaving the case he once pledged to his late wife would be resolved. He pretends to die, then “resurrects” with a different persona. McCall, who is currently retired, works as a hardware store consultant part-time. The typical course of events is changed when a young prostitute and he become acquainted in a diner. When the girl once failed to show up at the cafe, McCall started to worry. Robert will need to recall his past in order to save the girl after learning that she made contact with the Russian Mafia.

Bunker of the Dead

2015 / Horror, Action, Comedy / Germany

This can be repeated continuously because many people equate the Third Reich with the occult. Here it is once more: a German bunker, a hapless man who entered it recently, and of course, something dreadful.


2008 / Crime, Thriller, Action / France

Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent, earns a living by protecting celebrities at important concerts and other events when a large crowd is anticipated. Brian is also working to repair his relationship with Kim, his daughter from a previous marriage, with whom he had almost completely lost touch after their divorce. Kim convinces her father to grant her permission to travel overseas, and she and a companion decide to visit Paris. There, she is abducted by unidentified individuals; the girl is able to call her father before vanishing from view.

The Mechanic

2011 / Action, Crime, Thriller

One-man hitman Arthur Bishop disappears without a trace. He is, in fact, consistently neutral and quiet. By happenstance, the best murderer in the country had to become a mentor for a desperate kid who wants to take revenge on the murderers of his father – Arthur Bishop’s best friend.

The Accountant

2016 / Drama, Crime, Action / USA

Christian Wolff is a gifted mathematician who has a superior grasp of numbers. He works as a regular accountant and resides in a small town, but he also has a little “freelance” business where he collaborates with some of the world’s most deadly criminal groups. But one day an auditor for a robotics business who has found a million-dollar leak approaches him. Film Christian is unaware that assisting the girl will thrust him into a series of unforeseen circumstances that put his profession, life, and safety in danger. Although The accountant raises his arms in order to deal with the situation.

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