The Greatest Drama Movies Available Now Online

The Greatest Drama Movies Available Now Online
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The Hateful Eight

2015 / Drama, Crime, Mystery / USA

In many respects, Tarantino’s masterwork harkens back to the aesthetics of his first movie, Reservoir Dogs. However, this movie is far more expensive and One of the Greatest Drama Movies that was even shot in 70mm, where it looks simply magnificent. However, before the carnage, three “cool” guys (and one tough girl) are in the same enclosed location methodically setting up the scene. And as a result, throughout the years, Tarantino has mastered the art of showing this very well.

In Bruges

2008 / Comedy, Drama, Crime

Boring Bruges wouldn’t be in trouble even if two London thugs had arrived there. They won’t be able to hide, of course, and they’ll get into trouble like crazy. When this mess starts, feathers will start flying in all directions. And although it initially seems like we are just watching a criminal comedy, we soon realise that we need to change our minds about the movie.


2002 / Drama, Thriller, Mystery / Canada, UK

Even if nothing particularly noteworthy is explicitly taking place on screen, David Cronenberg has created one of the most unsettling movies ever. At home, a man moves while muttering something under his breath and weaving a robust web. However, it’s one of Ralph Fiennes’s greatest performances in a dark drama about murder and lunacy.


1999 / Thriller, Horror / Canada, UK

In the 1990s, the concept of computer-generated virtual reality was extremely popular, but no one spoke on film about it better than Cronenberg. His protagonists are enmeshed in games that are akin to dreams, with the difference being that the games must have logic, rules, and a conditional “game over,” after which you can resume your normal life. Maybe not always?


2012 / Drama / Russia

The supernatural thriller was created by Vasily Sigarev in the proper Russian style. Everything about this place is identifiable, and Nightmares’ murder on the train scenario will stick with you for a very long time. When the dead start to come back to the living, mysticism begins, and the viewer must now decide how he may relate to what is happening on the screen.

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