One Of The Best Weird Documentary Films To Watch

One Of The Best Weird Documentary Films To Watch
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2015 / Biopic, Drama / USA

This is the account of a guy who, seeing that all American anti-communists were advocating the restriction of freedom, dared not back down from the battle. Dalton Trumbo, a well-to-do Hollywood screenwriter, was willing to risk his career and possibly go to jail to uphold his moral convictions. Trumbo’s communism was, after all, limited to the idea that everyone should have access to life’s advantages. Children, in particular, require protection and have a right to a safe existence. And it’s not sinful to suffer as a result, even if you have to hide your name for many years and sign scripts with aliases.

Sam Klemke’s Time Machine

2015 / Documentary, Biopic / USA, Australia

The entire life of Klemke served as the basis for the documentary “Time machine.” The documentary demonstrates how Sam’s life evolves throughout time. from an upbeat youngster to a contemplative senior. In the same year that NASA launched a far space journey vessel, Sam started a project in his fifties. Sam Klemke’s Time Machine, a free-form investigation of time, memory, mortality, and what it means to be human, is helmed by Matthew Bate (Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure). It tracks the parallel travels of two different self-portraits, one speeding through infinite space and the other stranded in Earth’s suburbs.

Swiss Army Man

2016 / Drama, Comedy, Adventure / USA

When compared to the other films mentioned below, this movie’s performance in Russia is not too awful. Nearly 100,000 people, or a typical audience by arthouse standards, went to the movies thanks to the names Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe and the darkly humorous trailer. However, this is insufficient. It merits much greater viewer attention because it is a funny, complex, and little spooky movie about how it is simpler to communicate with a corpse than with yourself.

Gimme Danger

2016 / Documentary, Music / USA

Iggy Pop was the subject of a movie directed by the famous Jim Jarmusch. Crazy music for 1.5 hours, interspersed with amazing stories from the musician’s life. In Russia, 6,000 people were prepared to watch this event. There are some puzzles for which there are no useful solutions since they are all equally incorrect. The truth is that the beginnings of the culture we live in are told through a combination of two icons: music and film. Punk rock culture overcame all else, even in areas where you might not immediately see it. Since your hands have not yet reached the theatre, you must at the very least see it on video.

Pavlensky: Life Naked

2016 / Documentary / Latvia, Russia

The most repulsive figure in Russian art, Pavlensky, viewed by the majority of Russians as a bizarre exhibitionist freak who, for some reason, nailed his scrotum to the Red Square cobblestones and then planned a vandalism attack on the Lubyanka. It would make sense to imagine that a complete subculture of popular culture would develop around such a figure and somehow mirror his behaviour. Since nothing of the sort occurred, the Documentary Film undertook this arduous work in lovely solitude. Two documentaries on him had simultaneously released throughout the year; the finest of them is simply titled “Naked Life.” Because he wants to correctly comprehend Pavlensky’s performances and demonstrate to everyone why he is a genuine artist rather than a psychotic street hooligan. And this is why his work is pertinent to the most recent modern art.

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