The Best Crime/Mystery And Drama Movies To Watch Now

The Best Crime/Mystery And Drama Movies To Watch Now
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Ex Machina

2014 / Drama, Mystery / USA

You’re in trouble when your employer asks you to work on a top-secret project in his dacha. In reality, it is obvious that his storage containers are overflowing with dark secrets, the most important of which is a cyborg with an attractive female face in the form of Alicia Vikander and a transparent “body.” Oddly enough, the audience still recalled Oscar Isaac’s fantastic dance from the Ex Machina movie, not hers.

The Tribe

2014 / Drama, Crime / Netherlands, Ukraine

The movie directed by Ukrainian Miroslav Slaboshpitsky caught everyone completely off guard and this is one of the best Crime/Mystery And Drama Movies. Then, out of nowhere, a sign language movie about the great love of a boy and a girl in a world without words, where there are only cellars, truckers, underage prostitutes, and boarding school punks, appeared. At that point, they were expecting bad journalism and accusatory speeches from Ukraine. In truth, the Academy would not have been able to escape if the movie had received an Oscar nomination.

U Turn

1997 / Drama, Crime, Thriller / USA, France

One of Oliver Stone’s best movies uses a classic plot device: a man from the “civilised” world gets lost in the “wilderness” and becomes stranded due to ignorance of the local problems and regulations. Sean Penn is quite believable in this role, and his chemistry with Jennifer Lopez is absolutely hot. This little community will never forget how a stranger in a fancy automobile just happened to drive here.


2009 / Drama, Crime, Horror / Philippines, France

Briante Mendoza, a Filipino director who frequently wins awards at film festivals, took home the Best Director medal at Cannes for this movie, also known as Body Carving. In fact, the most important part of it is when a man who intended to get some additional cash through a simple hack finds that he is in a very hazardous situation while riding in a car with criminals and their victim. And that right now something similar will start, and his life will never be the same after that.


2017 / Drama, Melodrama, Mystery / Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway

Although few people are familiar with Joachim Trier, his film Thelma will undoubtedly go down in the annals of the supernatural thriller. In reality, it has already occurred. This movie will trick the audience more than once, but it will ultimately focus on the main issue of thoughts becoming physical reality and the threat that this poses to the entire world.

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