The Best Romantic Comedy Movies To Stream Now

The Best Romantic Comedy Movies To Stream Now
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Un homme à la hauteur

2016 / Melodrama / France

Although Jean Dujardin occasionally struggles with selecting a suitable part for himself, he manages to get by with a little self-irony. A towering (182 cm) brunette, a sex icon of European cinema, for instance, dropped out to portray a short man who was as tall as a hobbit in this picture. However, he succeeds in making us quickly forget about his character development and instead take pleasure in the typical French love narrative with all its strength and passion.


2016 / Thriller, Horror, Comedy / Russia

If Pavel Ruminov films a slasher, it will be just as amusing as his ethereal horror or his cancer-related drama about a single mother. Romanov cannot be anything else; he is too postmodernist and upbeat. Because it is still a satire and disgusting, the audience laughs when the heroes, famous bloggers, start to rip apart a maniac. Whatever one may say, bloggers are ultimately not all that remorseful.


2016 / Comedy / Russia

Many aspiring writers undergo a phase where they fall in love with Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino’s films and attempt to make something akin in Russian cinema. As a result, there is a lot of shooting, aphoristic dialogue, and sex, as well as a non-linear structure and clip-like editing. Although the authors did not always have enough mischief, they enjoyed themselves making this Superbad movie, which is not the worst experience in this regard. Here, amusing moments outnumber terrifying ones by a wide margin.


2015 / Comedy / Russia

Before the chimes sound, all of the movie’s characters must find solutions to impossible conundrums, but one of them struggles more than the others. Alien drinking companions informed the alcoholic Valerka that according to an intergalactic court ruling, humanity as a whole was about to perish. Therefore, they can take Valerka away in a flying saucer if he so desires. Naturally, Valeska concurs, but he must inform and prepare his family.

How To Be Single

2016 / Comedy, Melodrama / USA

All American comedy watchers are aware that taking a break is necessary if you want to better your life. Once the prince appears, you will experience great pleasure and make a tonne of new acquaintances. The protagonist in this story gets picked up by vivacious woman as soon as she breaks up with her boyfriend, and she starts to test their wits at crazy parties. It is one of the best romantic comedy movies.

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