Inspirational Movies About People Who Went Against Stereotypes

Inspirational Movies About People Who Went Against All Stereotypes
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Some movies, like Amelia, Me Too, or Julie and Julia. These Inspirational Movies help you navigate through tragedy and calamity and will get you in motion. There are movies for getting in touch with inner hope and your roots, along with picking up new skills and rekindling determination.


USA, Canada, 2009

Since then, at the beginning of November, scientists announced that it was very likely. The remains found in 1940 on the uninhabited Pacific island of Nikumaroro were those of the famous aviator Amelia Eckhart. She was the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic. But, flying over the Pacific Ocean in 1937, Amelia’s plane disappeared, and no one ever saw her again… However, the main role was played by Hillary Swank, who is not the first to play such an amazing heroine. Remember, “Kid in a Million”. However, in the 1999 film “Boys Don’t Cry”, the actress played a girl who feels that she is a man. Swank won an Oscar for both of these roles.

Me Too

Spain, 2009

The Spanish film Me too is unique because the lead role is played by Pablo Pineda, an actor with Down syndrome. Although the protagonist, Daniel, is a university graduate with a good job, an art critic, and a true lover, he has one more chromosome. But the film isn’t just about him. It’s about Laura. Because a woman who spits on public opinion and clichés decides to just for fun. It’s worth trying to talk to a man who’s different. Yo, también is a 2009 Spanish drama film. It shows the life of Daniel with Down Syndrome and his friendship with Laura. Daniel’s role has been played by Pablo Pineda, who has Down Syndrome in real life.

Julie and Julia

USA, 2009

You might think of this movie as a story about Julie, the blogger, who takes up a challenge to cook. Altogether, a year’s worth of 500 recipes from a book by the famous cook Julia Child. Or, you could also tell the story of a woman who went to the French school, Le Cordon Bleu. And it proved to everyone that not only are men good chefs, but they themselves can be great cooks, writers, and broadcasters far beyond the average housewife.

My Life in France, Child’s autobiography written with Alex Prud’homme, and a memoir by Powell, Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen (later retitled Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously). Both of these books were written and published between 2004 and 2006. Powell’s book was based on her blog, The Julie/Julia Project, where she documented online her daily experiences cooking each of the 524 recipes in Child’s 1961 cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The film is the first major motion picture based on a blog.

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