When Reality Becomes a Dream: Surrealist Movies of All Time

Surrealist Movie of All Time
When Reality Becomes a Dream: Surrealist Movies of All Time
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Welcome to the world of surrealism, where reality is distorted and dreams come to life. In this world, nothing is as it seems, and the boundaries between the conscious and subconscious are blurred. If you are a fan of movies that challenge your perception of reality and take you on a wild ride. And then you are in for a treat with “Nocturama,” “Hausu,” and “Post Tenebras Lux.” Each of these films offers a unique and mind-bending experience that will leave you questioning your own perception of the world around you. From the thrilling and suspenseful “Nocturama,” to the bizarre and trippy “Hausu,” and the hauntingly beautiful “Post Tenebras Lux,” these films will take you on a journey that you won’t soon forget. So buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride through the world of surrealism. So, here is the list of the best Surrealist movies of All Time.


Dir. Bertrand Bonello, 2016


Paris Is a Celebration is the funniest title localization for Bonello’s latest film, about youthful turmoil in the face of global injustice, capitalism, and the mindless desire to possess. ‘Nocturama’ compared to Robert Bresson’s penultimate film ‘Perhaps the Devil’where disgruntled teenagers take control of a sluggish majority. Several very young Parisians with typical problems of adolescence agree to implement a multi-stage plan – to organize a complex. And simultaneous terrorist attack in several places. They communicate with each other on disposable phones, confuse their tracks, stray in transport and on the streets. And do not fully believe whether their plan is possible.

They find themselves in a mall, going to wait out the hysteria: they have at their disposal expensive and affordable stores, mannequins, and well-known logos. Spending the night in the mall seems to them a more natural solution than going to their own home. A gloomy film about youth and aggressive rebellion, the desire for change, and naive stupidity, comments on the new generation of young protesters in a way that marketers cannot do.


Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977


One of the main Japanese mainstream films of the 20th century, a must-see for anyone who’s crazy about photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, Dario Argento’s filmography, and a remorselessly naive B-movie. The director directed “Home” based on a nightmare story invented by his seven-year-old daughter. Although at first, he wanted to come up with a local version of the low-budget but frightening “Jaws”. In “House”, a high school student finds out that her dad is going to marry a second time. And runs out of town with six girlfriends to her aunt, her mother’s sister, for support and the perfect vacation.

Every girlfriend with a name that speaks plans a vacation outside the city, until it turns out that the crooked house and the gray-haired aunt have their own plans for the new inhabitants. Including broken mirrors, nocturnal hallucinations, and eerie transformations of their beloved cat. A mixture of “Sesame Street”, a provincial theater production.

“Post Tenebras Lux”

Dir. Carlos Reygadas, 2012


Wandering, fuzzy, and highly lyrical, Reygadas’ film is his most personal work to date, strongly reminiscent of the late Terrence Malick. Reygadas tells the story of an affluent Mexican family living in a remote home in nature. Where the husband loves his wife and two small children. But occasionally beats the dog furiously and tries to build relationships with the workers of his wealthy estate. Days and months go by, and family gatherings and birthdays pass. One night a red-painted devil enters the protagonist’s bedroom with incomprehensible goals, and a harmonious narrative rolls into hell. “After Darkness, Light” is not very well described through plot moves. This is a movie that has more in common with painting and meditation than with keywords that exhaust genres and plots. Reygadas works rather with the space of the possible.

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