Best Documentaries Of All Time: Everyone Should See At Least Once

Best Documentaries Of All Time
Best Documentaries Of All Time: Everyone Should See At Least Once
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These three films, “Man with the Movie Camera,” “Grizzly Man,” and “In Jackson Heights,” showcase vastly different genres, styles, and subject matter. “Man with the Movie Camera” is a groundbreaking experimental film that documents life in a Soviet city in the 1920s through avant-garde filmmaking techniques. “Grizzly Man” is a documentary that follows the life and death of Timothy Treadwell. A man who lived among grizzly bears in Alaska, and explores the complex relationship between humans and nature. “In Jackson Heights” is a documentary that provides a nuanced and intimate portrait of the diverse community of Jackson Heights, a neighborhood in Queens, New York. That showcases the struggles and resilience of its inhabitants. Despite their differences, each film offers a unique and captivating perspective on the world around us. so, here is the list of best documentaries of all time.

Man with the Movie Camera, dir. Dziga Vertov, 1929

Documentary, Experimental

One of the main domestic films in the history of cinema and an unambiguous monument to the 1920s, where each director was a pioneer, experimenter, and theorist. Kinoglaz by Vertov, cameraman Mikhail Kaufman, and editor Elizaveta Svilova tries to capture the rhythm of the life of an ordinary person in the early USSR, with utopian hopes for the impartiality of the camera and the power of machine vision. Awakening and hurrying, dancing, and working inhabitants of Kyiv, Odesa, and Moscow add up to a fantastic pattern of orderly chaos of the big city. And, more broadly, the society of the future. But a practical guide to editing and creating rhythm in a completely silent film, “Man with a Movie Camera” has been repeatedly voiced. The best versions are by Michael Nyman and The Cinematic Orchestra, who combined dances of black and white with modern jazz.

Grizzly Man, dir. Werner Herzog, 2005

Documentary, Biography

Biography of one of the main enthusiasts for the protection of nature Timothy Treadwell, who devoted his life to saving the grizzly from human influence and educating a responsible attitude towards the environment. But In 2003, he and his girlfriend, also a researcher, killed bears while filming documentaries about preparing grizzlies for hibernation. It is the autumn hunt for food that makes grizzlies especially dangerous to humans.

From hundreds of hours of filming grizzlies, whom Treadwell considered not just his smaller brothers, but friends and companions. Herzog edited the film, including interviews with members of the zoologist’s family, other scientists, and local residents. The stunning suspense And the outcome of which is already known to everyone at the beginning of the film. And it is an example of Herzog’s work with the theme of mortal danger. But the conflict between faith and the instinct of self-preservation, which is important for him, comes to the fore here:

In Jackson Heights, dir. Frederick Wiseman, 2015

Documentary, Social commentary

Change is brewing in New York’s most cosmopolitan neighborhood. Jackson Heights: local property owners are driving up prices. And it seems that soon you can find the usual supermarket and Starbucks across every street instead of shops and eateries. However, diverse, chaotic, and filled with people of all religions and backgrounds. Jackson Heights is slowly succumbing to the onslaught of global capitalism, as American documentary classic Frederick Wiseman watches. But for 50 years now, he has been recording a changing America – without a voice-over or talking heads. He has filmed the complex and incomprehensible life around him from the University of Berkeley to high school students in the 60s.

Here he draws attention to how horizontal ties and the anarchist self-governing community arrange. Municipal politician and openly gay, proud participant and Driving and language courses for immigrant taxi drivers. And Grandmothers worried about the local kindergarten. But Members of development circles and Street musicians. but a meeting of concerned shareholders. A meeting of worried illegals. In Wiseman’s cell, everyone allows to speak and everyone has a place. This is what the unruly, inspiring, complex life around us, built on a thousand small agreements, looks like.

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