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Rather average movie about a role model

Shirley Chisholm is the subject of Netflix’s latest biographical drama, depicting her as the first African American woman to serve in Congress. John Ridley wrote and directed this historical drama that shows how white men held sway over United States politics in the late 1960s.

‘Shirley’ also touches on gender equality, human rights, outmoded work cultures, and child rearing strategies. As much as it speaks to society, it also shows how Shirley Chisholm went through political stages in her life. With excellent acting from a number of actors among them Regina King who plays the main character ‘Shirley’ is one good thing worth checking out.

Out of the 435 members of US House of Representatives, Shirley Chisholm was the only black American woman there in 1968. While she represented Brooklyn New York she had a problem with Speaker of the House when she was newly elected. It ended up with her realizing that she couldn’t serve America without sufficient power.

Thusly, she broke new ground by deciding to contest for presidency thus becoming the first African American woman to do so. She put together a team and got ready for battle knowing well that it would be tough because political arenas are not easy places to step into. Despite facing obstacles both professionally and personally throughout her life, Shirley Chisholm never gave up therefore making her an aspirational figure to date.

What qualities made her such an inspiring person beyond her role as a political leader? What happened during her campaign in early? To get answers stream the film on Netflix. There are such things as empathy or betrayal or chase games played like cat-and-mouse which all amount to an exciting two-hour experience.

Throughout her lifetime Shirley Chisholm worked for social justice as well as political and economic justice; gender equality; civil rights among other issues all featured in John Ridley’s screenplay.

As you watch the film, you’ll feel a strong connection to her, and later, you might even feel sorry for her when you learn about her deepest heartbreak. Shirley was not only a great speaker who inspired many people, but she was also a brilliant marketer. It is actually amazing how she convinced Barbara and Robert among other close friends to join her team.

Neither the screenplay of this movie as a whole nor the story are outstanding or boring. The story itself had a lot of potential, but the presentation didn’t fully capitalize on it. There is one scene where Shirley argues with the speaker, and in next shot from her face there is already another plot point which looks like such an abrupt transition.

In the second half many things seem rushed or unfinished without enough screen time for proper development. Finally, it’s a good film that could have been better. So if you’re curious about character backgrounds, “Shirley” may make you want more from its title character after it closes which shows that John Ridley has done something right here.

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