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According to Yeo jeong-woo (Park Hyun-sik), “difference from happiness which sometimes appears indefinite, misfortune always makes its presence known”, in the latest comedy drama Doctor Slump that ended with 5.6% average and 6.4% nationwide ratings in south Korea, his words echo through out the show as characters search for what gives them joy.

Oh Hyun-jung of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Baek Sun-woo who popularized rom-com k-dramas such as My Roommate is a Gumiho and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, respectively, unite to construct a story about change and healing in Doctor Slump.

Among other things narrated by Doctor Slump are the lives of two doctors who have achieved great success both professionally and spiritually; they also happened to be high-school rivals at one point in their life. Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo were once very successful doctors but presently, they have hit rock bottom.

While Ha-neul devotes her entire life into depression working under an incompetent professor as an anesthetist; Jung-woo on the other hand being a plastic surgeon plus a celebrity of internet is implicated into conspiracy leading him losing everything he has built such as friends profession including image. These two meet when Jeon woo relocates to ha-nuel’s rooftop later on rented by her mother hence start moving towards healing one another while trying to grow together since they find themselves between the devil and deep blue sea.

The drama begins with strong themes of healing, mental health, personal growth and self-care but loses it track several times along the way resulting into some unexpected storyline involving less-than-desirable conspiracy entanglement while using mental illness trope for its plot twist. 

On the contrary, unlike It’s Okay to Not be Okay among others which aims at creating awareness as well as debunking stereotypes about mental health, Doctor Slump uses it inappropriately by dismissing it for love. 

However, the show does its part extremely well as a healing drama. Most of the characters are wholesome and likeable – Ha-neul’s family, Ha-neul and Jeong-woo’s relationship.

This is probably seen in Ha-neul who becomes a totally different person from what she was when the show started. Bada’s self-growth and personal development is also noteworthy.  As for Jeong-woo he more or less stayed the same: his PTSD arc did not really play out as much as Ha-neul’s healing journey did.

In addition to that, there is beautiful cinematography which adds to feel-good ambience of the series as well. Although Park Shin-hye’s acting as ha-nuel was very balance, especially when contrasted with that of Park Hyung-sik whose character jae-wook often seemed too loud and was even poorly synchronized with other scenes’ atmospheres.

Notwithstanding this fact his caricature acting perfectly fits in comedy sequences. Also notable are some great dialogues but most importantly voiceovers by Ha-neul and Jeong-woo which are insightful and touching while setting a wholesome tone around them

Nevertheless, the plot is quite predictable hencemaking it more difficult to create an antagonist like Min Kyung-min whom they want to portray tragically but fails due to serious loopholes regarding motivations and reasoning in character development. 

Furthermore, there is beautiful cinematography which goes on to enhance fee-good atmosphere throughout show.Furthermore, “Park Shin-hye does perform well as Han-eun with her good control over her emotions” however “Park Hyun-sik gave an extra bit of volume that sometimes seems out of line with some particular scenes.”

However, the comedian is doing a great job in performing these roles which makes them funny. Also, their dialogues are some of the best as Ha-neul and Jeong-woo’s voiceovers – they are wise and emotional at the same time and make it complete for a family atmosphere.

Though, there is a predictable plot here, which does not need to introduce Min Kyung-min as an antagonist who is show as a tragic character in this show but with major gaps in her motivations and reasoning,.

In general, Doctor Slump worked well enough as a healing drama with likeable characters. However, because of bad plot advancement and lots of loopholes on what drives these people or even how logically they follow each other; it loses few points by the end of it all.

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