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A good film that balances its positive with negative

Danger on Party Island, directed by Danny J. Boyle is an emotional story about Mel Dale who loses her world after the death of her sister. When she comes to Fang Key to take back Georgia’s body. Mel senses a foul play. Determined to discover why Georgia died; Mel embarks on a personal investigation.

The movie enthusiasts love the classic detective thriller which starts from when mel reaches the island and has to identify her sisters body that has been disfigured due to falling off the cliff.

Mel recognizes Georgia despite the challenges caused by her tattoo. As such, she becomes suspicious towards what caused Georgia’s demise hence delving into further details of her sister’s life. For instance, while at Paula’s resort working as a wellness instructor, something tells Mel that it was not an accident. Islanders confess that Georgia partied and drank too much thus giving Mel more motivation to uncover the mystery about her sibling untimely passing.

However, it is the character of Mel that stands out in this film even though we may have seen similar plots before. Instead of showing us another tough private eye protagonist like in most thrillers for women written by men. He prefers making Melanie vulnerable yet determined in regards to finding out what really happened with her beloved relative during all moments of this picture.

Interesting in terms of character development were those exhibited by Mel. During most parts of Danger on Party Island movie she seemed shy and timid whereas at some point she turns bold as well as fearless during lots dangerous experiences including facing stalkers plus criminals simply because his deep love for his sister still showed him way forward.

Lindsey Dresbach nails it as Mel – suspicion and courage come together perfectly here. Andrea Prevett shines as Georgia Dale and James Bobo hit just right note between being suspicious and friendly while playing Jever Lewis. Adam Harper makes Paula live on screen just like Kate Dailey does with Keaton. Creating a sharp contrast between these characters.

The place where the whole action takes place is Mallory Dawes’s Fang Key Island. Which serves as an awesome façade hiding terrible secrets. It is shown as more of an ultimate holiday destination being equipped with all sort of things for everyone to have a great time off.

However, this paradise-like island has its own dark underbelly which shocks audience with incredible contrast. They show what Fang Key islanders are like. When they are together since they are living in small communities that everybody knows each other.

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