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From the title Renegade Nell, it can be noticed that in the book we are dealing with a young woman called Nell who had her life turned upside down. Due to an accident she was framed for the murder of a magistrate and has been on the run together with her sisters Roxy and George and a member of magistrate’s staff named Rassalas. Along their way, they meet Charles Devereaux, who is a highwayman.

But here is the twist…This story is not just about life in 1700s; it’s about magic. Thus, she has some strange power that appears only when she is in danger which gives her such strength as catching bullets by her palm. It is learnt that this power comes from Billy Blind, a fairy-like being whom only she can see.

Together, they would help Nell clear her name but instead end up being involved in several adventures. Even more than you could imagine, Sofia, daughter to the magistrate wants to find out where Nell is so as to finish what she began.

These are many different elements certainly but Season 1 uses them well for sure. Renegade Nell works best when there’s forward momentum, chases going on and plots being plotted. The swift turns keep your attention gripped at fast pace while sometimes it may tend to drag out.

Most of this comes from how simple the basic plotline actually was. Moreover, although amusing watching Nell and her group go through various adventures because this story lacks complexity mostly. For example good means good and bad means bad – everything else does not exist in Renegade Nell’s world. This otherworldly “good” magic thing has a soft golden light while “dark arts” have black smoke and snake signs all over them.

Moreover, none of the rules or origins or characteristics of magic are ever mentioned within this medieval fantasy TV series. Such lack of detail takes us to the point where Billy himself does not know why he’s assisting Nell. The simplicity can be done away with but the obscurity can prick your skin.

What this means is that while this caricature version of heroes and villains isn’t necessarily a way of retaining adult attention, it is certainly more relevant for younger audiences. Like for instance, she could have helped correct corrupt society through a prison break or by attacking media houses as she had in mind.

For grown-ups however, it lacks subtlety and her plan has glaring holes in it. The more you watch Renegade Nell, the more it reveals itself as a kids’ show. Unsurprisingly, if not disconcertingly, this show has a TV-14 rating even though by embracing its target audience fully would have made the story blossom.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not pleasant to watch though – It is! For example, Charles Devereaux played by Frank Dillane is one of several colourful personalities from the series who unfortunately do not make much impact on what happens around them. And there are different landscapes and such side stories like Rassalas’ back-story and some sleekly choreographed action sequences.

The words “life is an adventure” could well have been coined to describe the character of Nell. Her reckless courage, impetuousness, strong desire for justice, never-give-up spirit and a little bit of pride are what it takes for her to be considered as one of the most eccentric heroines.

It’s wonderful that she is given the same swashbuckling instinct usually reserved for male characters. Frankly speaking, this doesn’t come as a surprise since Sally Wainwright has always been known for writing strong women in period dramas.

But ultimately it is Louisa Harland who gives Nell life from Derry Girls; her character shines through like someone real not made up. Her dialogues roll off the tongue, even when she affects different accents; matched with charm and devil-may-care attitude.

She does an excellent job at portraying nell in a very balanced way so that nothing lessens the impact of her heartfelt actions. It’s Harland who makes Nell worth watching on screen and also what makes viewing Grendel worthwhile too.

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