The Painful Movies That Will Cry Your Heart

The Painful Movies That Will Cry Your Heart
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Watch The Painful Movies on Our website you can relate your life with these movies and also these movies will teach you how you can make your relationship with your family and also it will Entertain you so much.


2018/Drama, Adventure, Action/USA

Tami and Richard embark on a perilous yachting adventure across the Pacific Ocean. Young people who decided to get married planned to travel from Tahiti to the coast of California, but got into a terrifying storm. The boat capsized. When the ocean calmed down, Tami spotted a badly wounded Richard in the water. There was nowhere to wait for help – the radio did not work, so the girl decided to sail on her own toward Hawaii.

P.S. I love you

2007/Drama, Melodrama/USA, Ireland

Holly and Jerry are madly in love – they say about such people “they lived happily ever after and died on the same day.” By chance, Jerry dies much earlier, and Holly is left alone. Unable to overcome the loss, she sinks into depression. Jerry, who foresaw the mood of his beloved, prepared seven messages for her, which should support the girl in this difficult moment. She will find each new message only after she has followed the instructions from the previous one.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

2012/Drama, Adventure, Fantasy/USA

A girl named Hushpuppy is only six, and with her dad Wink, she lives somewhere on the edge of the world. Wink aims to teach his daughter how to survive in this cruel world, just in case something happens to him. When Hushpappi’s father suddenly falls ill, everything around the girl begins to change: reality mixes with fiction, glaciers begin to melt, and prehistoric monsters crawl out into the world. Then the girl decides to go on a journey Beasts of the Southern Wild in search of her mother.

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