Must-Watch Thriller Movies That Stand The Test Of Time

Must-Watch Thriller Movies That Stand The Test Of Time
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Nocturnal Animals

2016 / Drama, Melodrama, Crime / USA

Stylish and rather unpredictable thriller by Tom Ford, a fashion designer, and all-around exceptional person. He undoubtedly has critics who, with justification, draw comparisons to the Straw Dogs, but his environment is entirely different. And of course, Kick-Ass actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who is well-known to moviegoers, played absolutely virtuosic here.


1979 / Drama, Adventure, Fantasy / USSR

Stalker is the closest Tarkovsky film to a thriller and a mysterious one at that. In fact, the majority of this movie is pure suspense, as a group of explorers traveling with a stalker continuously anticipates lethal surprises from the Zone. It seems unlikely that Tarkovsky would have approved of such a genre classification for his film, but it would be wonderful if it were revised as a result of this provocative statement.

Blue Velvet

1986 / Drama, Thriller, Mystery / USA

We start to get quite concerned and realize that the young man won’t have to wait for anything wonderful as soon as the protagonist discovers someone’s ear in the grass. But he’ll have plenty of reasons to get on his nerves, not the least of which is that someone with asthma and a particular sexual addiction will try to come here. In actuality, a disturbing and gorgeous movie. It’s a must-watch thriller movie and you should definitely watch it.

Funny Games

1997 / Drama, Crime, Thriller / Austria

Rarely does a writer’s film become so well-liked that people who have never heard of the writer—or who, even if they had—wouldn’t recall him or her—watch it. While fans are still discussing whether to watch the original or the American remake of Funny Games, viewers are only recommending it to friends searching for thrills. Funny Games has developed into a cult thriller.


1994 / Drama, Crime, Thriller / France

Even if there have been innumerable movies about hired killers, Leon is nonetheless unique. Leon, a silent but deeply sensitive tall man with a huge nose and a black cap, exhibits a level of tenderness and affection for a young girl even when there are no problems with the Criminal Code.

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